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Resident Concerns - Cr Mullhollands Flyer Re Chelsworth Sept 21 2013

Chelsworth Park  -  Resident Information

Responses to CR Jenny Mullholland’s letter drop of Saturday 21 Sept 2013,

- and other information on her personal website  (  See: Chelsworth Park, East Ivanhoe – Your questions answered. Sep 11, 2013)   .... ……….      

Note this is NOT Councils website – That address is


“In July 2012, Council resolved (Resolution CO2012/212) that Chelsworth Park tennis courts would be included in the lease with Ivanhoe Grammar School.”

Concern - We believe that Resolution CO2012/212) was made at an in camera meeting and, unlike other past Council Meetings, the Agenda and Minutes are NOT available on Councils website (in camera = closed to the public and not recorded publicly)

Concern – Some Councillors cannot remember this as an issue at the time – possibly because no one in the local community knew it was occurring ( - as an Agenda is NOT published for an in camera meeting )

“In July 2012, Council resolved (Resolution CO2012/212) to negotiate a new 20-year lease (with a further 10-year option) with Ivanhoe Grammar School. Lease negotiations have started and the school is finalising a list of capital works* and park improvements* it would complete within the first four years of the new lease”

Concern – Again this decision was at an in camera meeting – These are usually reserved for financial matters. But in this case decisions about a Booking System for all users - controlled by IGS, AND the prospect of the school placing more buildings on the land and changing signage that leads to a dilution of visible PUBLIC OWNERSHIP appear to have been made as well as perhaps some financial matters – *These are matters of public interest that should be discussed with the local community in an open transparent way

 “Fees and charges, allocation guidelines and regulations will follow those set by Council.”

Concern – How will Council involve the greater community in determining these guidelines?  How will they be enforced? How will the community determine if the lease has been broken by IGS –either by non payment, or breeches of contract in other ways ?

Concern - Will these large and highly valuable areas of Public Open Space and their water supply be managed fairly for all – If only a small and unaccountable committee of volunteers overlooks the arrangements made by the IGS?  Wont the charges for the school be largely in kind? – and thus very hard to determine as a dollar value ? How will all this information be made clear to the public and how could the public object if they felt the values had not been correctly calculated?

“... a  new Chelsworth Park Tenant group to be formed.. discussing park developments, issues and any feedback from tenants and park users...... Council, the School and sporting clubs will be invited to attend “

Concern -  How will those on the group report to the public and be held accountable for any lack of oversight ? Wont the school – a Business – try to have sympathetic members be appointed > and wont the public have no idea about these peoples credentials? - as they are not voted for and thus publicly vetted .

Concern - Will one group be able to play off others for consideration of future lease arrangements and time allocations by taking sides against other members in deals done outside of the meetings? (This could also be occurring now...)

 Concern – What powers may the members of this tenant group have to be whistle blowers? If they raised a fuss would the entitlements of their club suffer?

Concern – How will Chelsworth Park be protected for passive recreation, which is the most highly sought recreational use in the City of Banyule? How will passive park users – joggers, walkers, sitters, kite flyers, kick to kick and mums having a picnic with the kids and rolling on the grass - be represented? How will their Reps be accountable?

Concern - The space at Chelsworth is highly sought after – there are more clubs and others users than can comfortably accommodated.  Previously some users such as Yarra Valley Hockey Club - have had to leave. There will always be pressure for new users as well – So the negotiations for space will be hotly contested – Is it fair to have a body with paid employees and unlimited amounts of paid time competing with other local resident users with volunteer committees  - for space and time priority at Chelsworth Park ? 

Major Urgent  Concern – The Chelsworth Tennis Club have objected to these developments and have been forced to cooperate or risk using all rights ; in addition the Ivanhoe Grammar School appears to be using this arrangement as an opportunity to move ALL its tennis facilities to Chelsworth.

Major Urgent Concern  – The land currently occupied by tennis courts on the Ivanhoe Grammar site on the Ridgeway will be used to construct a major Sports Stadium complex off The Boulevard near Wilsons Reserve under the IGS proposed 5 year Plan which is currently being negotiated with Council, - with Community input.– This is a narrow and treacherous stretch in certain conditions and one that should be reserved for passive enjoyment of the Yarra Valley. It is an integral part of Victoria’s and Melbourne’s main Scenic Tourist Route (Route NO 2 ) . It is also the entrance, via Wilsons Reserve, to the natural beauty of a diverse and rambling section of the Yarra environs - with many walking tracks and viewpoints to the river.  This sensitive area has been protected by a scenic landscape overlay and other state planning instruments for some time  - having more use of the Chelsworth tennis Courts would seem  vital for the School Plan to succeed – Isn’t there a CONFLICT OF INTEREST here ? - for the school as a controller of bookings and as a cashed up competitor for space that is in short supply ?

For more on Chelsworth Park see:

Ivanhoe Grammar School Development Plan

Responses to CR Jenny Mullholland’s letter drop of Saturday 21 Sept 2013,

- and other information on her personal website  (  See: Chelsworth Park, East Ivanhoe – Your questions answered. Sep 10, 2013)       ……….       Note this is NOT Councils website – That address is



In Cr Mulholland’s letter-drop of 21 September she referred to her motion of 26 August 2013 proposing that a Resident Interest Group be established and with a maximum of 6 people. However a resident’s meeting resolution of 8 September 2013 determined that a minimum of 12 resident representatives was necessary. This was sent to Cr Mullholland on the same day

In addition a residents’ petition was submitted to Council on the 23rd August 2013 which asked for more than one public meeting regarding the IGS Dev Plan, including meetings that addressed a limited range of issues so that some matters could be addressed in more detail and clarification of the role of the “Interested Persons Group “ referred to by Cr Mullholland

On Monday 23rd Sept 2013 the petition was considered at a Council Meeting, with several residents addressing the Council. Residents met with several Councilors and the acting CEO prior to that meeting to discuss the petition and the associated resolution.


  • A decision was made to INCREASE the number of residents on the “Interest Group” mentioned in the decision above to ten


(This was the number of Resident Reps on an earlier Working Group that looked at the Schools FIRST 5 year Development Plan prior to its approval in the year 2000)

  • Council also clarified that the “Interest Group “ - would in fact be aWorking Group that looked closely at the current 5 year Development Plan, with Council Planning Staff and with the school over a succession of targeted meetings BEFORE the current Plan is approved
  • There will also be the possibility of further Public Consultation Meetings as issues arise that may need further consideration (NOT just one as the previous Council statement implied)
  • It was indicated that these extra public meetings could be called by both the Planning staff and  councillors OR by the residents
  • Further, it was decided that the choice of members for that working group would be made by Senior Planning Staff - from resident applicants, with a view to qualifications and skills and a general concern for all issues facing the community regarding the IGS Plan
  • The list of chosen applicants would then be voted upon at a subsequent Formal Meeting of Council

 What the Community asked for?                        ( success marked with tick )

The Petition sought the clarification needed about the role of the “Interest Group” within the DEV PLAN process as a “working group “ which dealt with resolving issues -

The Petition sought the understanding of the potential need for more whole-of-community public consultation sessions on particular topics of concern

The  Petition, (being drafted prior to Councils decision on Aug 26th) - was silent on the make up of the Working Group  - However a Resolution  unanimously supported  at a residents meeting on Sept 8th and asking for approximately 12 people on the working group was forwarded to Council on that day and was brought to Councils attention again on Monday 23rd - It again drew Councils attention the work that would be required to resolve the DEV Plan issues with staff and the representatives of IGS and asked for a positive framework for the process ( very similar to the previous successful FIRST DEV PLAN process ) that  could lead to an ongoing  harmonious relationship between the school and its local community .

Council has increased the count to 10 - ...... CLOSE

Residents also forwarded to Council over the previous weekend an argument for between 15 and 20 Reps so that each area would be even more fairly represented - and included suggested Reps for each area as well as 2nds and  3rds for when people are ill or have work commitments - We are fortunate to have so many volunteers and for them to have all been seen in action arguing our case and particular aspects of it at Public Meetings that both the residents AND the Council have organised - WE would have like to see Council consider these arguments seriously and identify like us, parts of Fairy Hills and Ivanhoe, that are particularly impacted by the proposals and seek candidates from those areas in particular - We will see where the process leads us though ...

Council  indicated that 2nds would be possible and that in some discussions maybe specialist attendees from certain areas could be added to the Working Group

If this happens, it could be that we are flexible enough to cover all issues thoroughly and immediately, without wasting time making referrals.  We will wait and see how things develop .. - POSSIBLY

Cr Mullhollands Flyer RE Chelsworth Sept 21 2013


Cr Jenny Mulholland

Griffin Ward Mayor


September 2013


Dear Resident,

I am writing to keep you up to date in regards to the following two local issues.

1. Ivanhoe Grammar School Plan  

The preparation of this plan is a requirement of the Development plan overlay which applies to the site under the Banyule Planning Scheme. Details of the IGS proposed plan have been available  on the Banyule council website since early July 2013 and nearby residents have been given the opportunity to review the plan and provide  coment"

Further a community consultation forum was held on Tuesday 20th August 2013. Councillors, Council officers and lvanhoe Grammar School representatives were available at that forum. After listening to the community at the council forum I moved an Urgency Notice of Motion supported by the Council to resolve the following in relation to the future community consultation process concerned with the lvanhoe Gramrnar school Development plan.

That the following steps be undertaken in assessing and engaging with the community effected by the proposed lvanhoe Grammar School Development plan:

  1. Feedback received at the consultation meeting of Tuesday 20 August 2013 be summarised and provided to attendees and posted on council's web  site,
  2. officers digest and assess the submissions and responses at the community consultation meeting and request responses and appropriate rework from lvanhoe Grammar School;
  3. An Expression of tnterest process be undertaken for the Resident lnterest Group, whereby all submitters, dttendees of the consultation sessian and owner / occupiers previously contacted in this Development Plan approval process be given an opportuntity to nominate. The Resident lnterest Group is to be made up of six people, with setection to be two persons per generol geographic area to the west, south ond east of the school;
  4. A further open cornmunity consultation session is to be held following receipt of answers and possibly refined submission of the Development plan by lvanhoe Grammar School;
  5. The Resident lnterest Group is to meet with officers and lvanhoe Grammar School representatives to discuss matters in  more detail;
  6. A report be presented to Council to determine a position on the proposed Development Plan.


Page 2

2, Chelsworth Park

Unfortunately there has been recently some misinformation spread throughout the local

community regarding the future lease of Chelsworth Park.

Banyule Council currently leases Chelsworth Park to lvanhoe Grammar School, which sees the school managing and  maintaining the Park. This lease ends in November 2014. This lease was first put in piace by the former Heidelberg City Council and subsequently taken over

by Banyule City Council at amalgamation. Numerous sporting clubs, local schools and community groups avail themselves of the facilities and grounds that are maintained and marked out for the school's wide variety of sporting activities.

In July 20L2, Council resolved (Resolution CO20t2/21,2) to negotiate a new 20-year lease (with a further 1O-year option) with lvanhoe Grammar School. Lease negotiations have started and the school is finalising a list of capital works and park improvements it would complete within the first four years of the new lease. There will be no changes to public access to the  patk.

Once negotiations are finalised, which is expected before the end of 20L3, the lease will  be advertised for 28 days enabling the public to view it and make submissions.

The new lease  will  include the Chelsworth Park Tennis Courts. The new lease will include a clause that Chelsworth  Park Tennis Club remains the principle tennis club at the facility. Members will have similar rights as  they do now, However, neither the club nor its members will have to contribute to maintenance or upkeep as  the school will maintain the courts on behalf of all  users.

All sports clubs based on the ovals (tenants) have been informed of details of the lease  negotiations,  the Stormwater Harvesting Project and park management processes rnoving forward.

lnformation sessions will continue to be held with all sporting clubs. A  new Chelsworth Park Tenant Group will be formed, meeting regularly to discuss  park developments, issues and any feedback from tenants and park users. Members from Council, the School and each sporting club will be invited to attend these meetings.

On both issues I will continue to update you of progress on rny Griffin Ward website

I am keen to hear your comrnents. Please email any comments you may have I will make sure that Officers, record the emails/letters anci add them to the file and take note of all concerns when writing their report

Yours sincerely,

Cr. Jenny Mullholland

All correspondence to PO Box 51 lvanhoe  3079

Telephone 03) 9490 4341 (Mayors Ot1ice)

Facsimile 03) 9499 2482

Telephone/Facsinile 03) 9458 1391   H)

Mobile 0.113 986 912

TTY 03) 94327211




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