Final Council decisions expected Monday Nov 10th

Council Meeting Monday 10th November at 7.30pm to decide the Chelsworth Lease

The Council Meeting of Monday 10th November at 7.30pm will  decide the Chelsworth Park Lease

Previous Council Meetings have heard verbal submissions from residents and many written submissions were received during exhibition of the Lease - including several very extensive submisions from the Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Group members. The early petition signatories were notified directly by Council about the dates when the Lease Proposal  went on exhibition and council in a ground breaking ( but emminently sensible) move - made the Lease availlabe for reading as a PDF on its website. Banyule Director Allsion Beckwith worked well with the community in arranging tours of park facilities, viewings of the old Lease, and the provision of FAQ sheets to help the pubici understand the logic behind the proposed Lease

While the Fairy Hills Group have great reservations about council signing such a Lease for such a long period and at such low rates of return, we are extremely grateful to Allison for her ability to hear our concerns clearly and to  act rapidly to ensure Council as a whole is responding as best it can to those concerns

Cr Mullholland the Griffin Ward Councillor while NOT as able to respond to our concerns immediately -  has also paid attention more recently to discussions around possible improvements to the Lease proposal. CR Mullholland and the Mayor CR Langdon also attended a major Community Meeting in February where many concerns with the Lease were raised

Please attend the Council Meeting on Monday Nov 10th to see what impact the community has had on the Lease Proposal, and have your chance decide to whether the Council as a groupo of Councillors  is ABLE to hear the community voice and respond appropriately.

 As usual Requests to Speak can be submitted from the Friday prior to the Meeting when the Agenda Papers become available on the Coucnil Website  and the dealine to submit these is 2pm on the Monday of the Meeting

Casual requests can also be added to speak at question time - arrive before 7.30pm and put your name on the list

The Lease HAS BEEN ALTERED as a result of YOUR SUBMISSIONS so please come to support those changes



Submission Deadline Extended to Sept 19th

Submissions are still being accepted on the Chelsworth Park 30 year Lease

The Lease has been hard to find on Councils website but can be found by Googling Banyule Council and Chelsworth Park Lease The Document to the side of the page is the Lease in FULL

The Lease is a multi layered document and can be hard to follow in its NEW Form. Call Robyn 94995153  OR Paul 0411154914 for more help on which sections may be important  to read and to discuss anything you find or email the websites CONTACT PAGE -  for a writtten response

Staff are still responding to detailed questions about certain features of the Lease. And are also organsising

 A walk around the Water Harvesting Project

 THIS FRIDAY Sept 12th at 5pm

with Councils engineers.  Meet at Cheslworth Park Tennis Courts


30 year Chelsworth Lease - Write to Council BEFORE SEPT 9th 2014


Ivanhoe’s much loved Chelsworth Park, on the Yarra flood plain near the southern entrance to Banyule, is currently being considered for a 20 +10 year Commercial Lease between Banyule City Council (BCC) Ivanhoe Grammar School (IGS) - A commercial entity.


With the release of the proposed Banyule Council Chelsworth Park / IGS 30 year LEASE

TUES 12th AUGUST for 28 Days comment ONLY 

WE encourage you to make a submission on the Lease

Submissions MUST BE in by SEPT 9th 2014  

A commercial lease threatens the ability of our community to decide how the park will be used; Over a period of high expected population growth in Melbourne, and a growing reduction in private residential space - as the number of multi-unit dwellings increase, due to Government policy.

Many residents of Banyule oppose this move and believe that:

  1. Restrictions on the availability of the park, for both passive and active use - if leased to a private entity, are not in the community’s long-term interests. 
  2. Banyule City Council needs to step up to the mark and provide first-rate facilities for the ratepayers of Banyule in all its parks and for all its schools to share equally - rather than over-use some parks (nearby Ivanhoe Park) and under use and under support others (Ford Park). Council needs to do more to ensure that passive recreation, and the riverine environment for which Chelsworth Park is famous, are fully protected into the future. 
  3. More transparency is needed – Governance and Financial Reporting conditions under the current IGS peppercorn lease, have NOT been met (- despite fees from the Clubs using the Park going to IGS); In addition, Chelsworth Park continues to receive favourable infrastructure funding from Council - while other Parks miss out. Why ?  


Write a submission on the PROPOSED 30 YEAR LEASE: ( SEE details of addresees below as well as some extra comments on the Lease )

Insist Council rent the land at commercial rates over the short term, - Perhaps 5 yearly maximum periods - with renewals only where spare time and playing surface capacity exists, and after community needs are met .

 (This could involve IGS marking, mowing, and watering the grounds as now, - as payment in kind , but with Council managing all infrastructure and community bookings)

Insist BCC control all signage, bookings, payment and community liaison (as with its other parks )

Insist that NO EXTRA private use be granted; Instead, over time, private use will be reduced while increasing community needs (both passive and active) are met.




Written submissions submitted to Council must be received by

5.00 pm on 9 September 2014

and should be addressed to the

Chief Executive Officer, Banyule City Council

and delivered to 275 Upper Heidelberg Road Ivanhoe or posted to PO Box 51 Ivanhoe 3079. 


" Any person making a submission is entitled to state in the submission that he or she wishes to appear in person, or to be represented by a person specified in the submission, at a meeting to be heard in support of the submission."

(We do not know when that meeting will be,  or what form it will take,  - but suggest you do indicate an interest in doing this - Especially important if the matter should go to VCAT? OR a Planning Panel of some kind ? )





The previous (or currently operating) IGS Lease IS still available at the Ivanhoe Town Hall for public viewing - Details in the Lease can be transcribed during a viewing but NO photocopies or photos may be taken. Contact Emily Outlaw ( ) OR call Emily via Banyule reception 94904222 - to arrange an appointment in business hours.

FHI Reps have viewed the current and other past IGS of Leases of Chelsworth as well as the current proposed 30 year Lease.  We would be happy to compare the notes we took with others of previous Leases. To discuss these with you - as well as discussing the current PROPOSED 30 year Lease - Please email us via this websites' Contact Page - to arrange a meeting or phone call

See our collected comments in full on the Previous Fact Sheets ( 1 and 2 ) produced by Council in our Chelsworth Park News page :- a couple are also produced below for you to consider


Residents Questions Re  Lease and comments arising from the Fact Sheets

FACT SHEET ONE - concerned the Water Harvesting Project at Chelsworth. Some of the grounds were out of action over a period of time;  but  as this project has environmental benefits for water quality in the Yarra River nearby and also for cheaper and more reliable water sources for the playing fields at Chelsworth Park and the greens of the nearby Public Golf Course, the community have generally been very tolerant of this disturbance. This FACT SHEET - included reference to Ivanhoe Grammar School making a contribution to this project.

FACT SHEET TWO - was compiled following questions from Fairy Hills Ivanhoe and covered a wide range of questions relating to the Chelsworth Leases ( past and future), and to the financial advantages Council expected to realize from the Lease. We thank Allison and her staff for their committment to public engagement on the Chelworth Lease. Despite a large amount of very valuable information in the two Fact Sheets however, many questions remain, and indeed some have become clearer in the minds of residents. We present SOME of concerns we had with this FACT SHEET below  - as well as all the concerns within in our Chelsworth Background page -

FACT SHEET THREE - THE CURRENT FACT SHEET-  covers more detail on the Lease's financial aspects as well as some background from the previous documents.  We will endeavour to register concerns with this FACT SHEET soon, but in the meantime please feel free to contact us via this websites CONTACT page about what you see in theis FACT SHEET  

Hours maintained for Community Use

  1. Councils NEW FACT SHEET ( 2) says the current Lease provides for a 5 : 1 ratio of hours of Communiy Use compared to hours of use by IGS. ie IGS use is 20% of community use.The Previous ( current ) Lease gives scheduled hours of use for all parties involved form which various calculations can be made -for example :-
  2. In Winter - The OIGFC - Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Football Club can use one of the two main Pavilions 11am - 12 midnight ( 13 hours) on a SATURDAY and 12 noon - 8pm ( 8 hours ) on a Sunday. This is some serious FUNDRAISING and SOCIAL CLUB potential - for JUST ONE CLUB using the Chelsworth facilities to be able to garner in the Lease. The IGS relies on associations such as the OLGFC to provide a pool of potential donors and supporters of philanthropy to the school. There seems to be a rather special ADVANTAGE to this group of users within the Lease - who also happen to be potential benefactors to the school. OIG has a very special relationship to the school and the Strategic Plan for the school indicates that it would like to develop similar relationships with other ex students through other Old Boys and Girls Clubs. The remaining Pavilion was available originally to Yarra Valley Hockey Club until 8pm Saturdays and part of Sundays but for much fewer hours than OIGFC -Residents have not seen documents relating to the replacement of YVHC at this point in time, - to see who else benefits in this way from the Lease.
  3. While OIGFC had only a small booking for actual training and games in the current Lease - its Pavilion Booking was very extensive.
  4. Of the 384 hours of Winter Sports Use ( 9-5 per day ( 8 hours ) X 8 sports fields X 6 days ( Sunday Reserved for Public Passive Use ( no Sports ) - IGS use 106 hours or 27% of the time available for sport ( Doesn't include OIGFC Use )
  5. If we allow for the remaining 278 hours of the Mon - Sat Sports Use to also contain an alloction for grounds maintenance time - Say a token 10% of total Use Time Available - ( 38.4 hours / week) - then actually only 345.6 hours are available in Winter for Sports Use - this makes the IGS used proportion of Available Winter Sports Time 31% of total time available (NOT 20% as indicated in the Fact Sheet)
  6. Add to that thought that other users dont actually have access during all those hours because they are at school or work - Then we see that the proportions of IGS School Sports Use versus Community Sports Use is actually very high. In Winter the hours of available after school use in the Lease are 3.30pm to 5pm IE 1 & 1/2 hours per day during the week (- much more on Saturdays )
  7. We can calculate the proportion of IGS availablity of USE compared to Community Sports availability of Use ( from the schedule in the previous Lease)

Mon - IGS - 1.5 hrs X 6 fields = 9 hrs AH Use : 1.5 hrs X 8 fields Total = 12 hrs = 75%

Tues - IGS - as above = 75%

Wed - IGS - 1hr X 3 fields = 3 hrs ;1.5 hrs X 3 fields = 4.5 hrs; = 7.5 hrs/12 hrs = 62.5 %

Thu - IGS - as for Mon and Tues =75 %

Fri - IGS - as for Mon Tues Thu = 75%

Sat - all AH USE - 3.5 X 4 fields = 14hrs ; 1.5 X 1 field = 1.5hrs ; Total 15.5hrs in total

hrs of ( 8 X 8 ) = 64 hrs = 25% ) again all over 20% purported in the FACT SHEET


Current Fact sheet and Fact sheet 2 -  

Asphalt Courts for Tennis and Netball in Proposed Lease ?

  1. Residents could find no mention in our viewing of the previous lease of IGS previously leasing the Tennis Courts area at Chelworth Park  - including the asphalt courts. If claims made in the previous fact sheets are to be believed -IE that there will be NO change to public access to Chelsworth - why are these courts NOW proposed to be for IGS USE ?
  2. IGS will have control of the three current asphalt courts at Chelsworth and  build a further court - but all will be controlled by IGS  - There will not be the current community access that has operated for several years where these courts are left open for casual users and IGS will control Bookings and may choose to have only PAID BLOCK BOOKINGS for the courts to sub tenants. Again a reduction in current community access.  


If you have more questions about the Chelsworth Park current or future Lease -

you can email them to this website via our contact page


Is the demand for public recreational facilities growing in Banyule ?

Recently several local public tennis courts have been put up for sale and redevelopment

The Uniting Church In Ivanhoe is to sell three properties - two have tennis courts, one a hall and another a public allotment garden - all recreational and learning facilities that will be lost to the public. It is hard to see where replacement land can be found for such activities as land prices spiral and the population and thus demand grows heavily.

Below - A past furore over the loss of public tennis courts - the courts at Ivanhoe Park - beside Ivanhoe Croquet Club - both organisations in use for many decades - and now arguments about which can have space ( 2011) - Surely a sign of things to come as Melbournes population continues to grow ..........

Volley over Ivanhoe East courts

from The Heidleberg Leader

Ivanhoe Tennis Club members Alex, Liam, Max, Michael, Andres and Victoria could lose their training venue.

IVANHOE Tennis Club has called fault on a plan served up by Banyule Council to remove two of its courts and replace them with croquet lawns.

Ivanhoe member John Culvenor said the club’s two courts at Ivanhoe East’s Ivanhoe Park - it also has three courts on John St in Ivanhoe - would be removed as part of the council’s draft master plan for the park.

Mr Culvenor said the council was partially sacrificing a club, which turned 100 next year.

“I think it’s part of the council wanting to have large centres - places where they can cut the ribbon and people can drive up in their cars,” he said.

“They are getting rid of the old days where there were community facilities within walking distance for residents, who look after the courts themselves.”

Mr Culvenor said the club was home to about 80 families and many would struggle to get court time if they were forced to use the three courts in Ivanhoe.

“It costs pretty much nothing to keep the courts here because the club looks after them,” he said.

“There’s plenty of space at the park where they could have placed the croquet courts.”

But Banyule Mayor Peter McKenna said the draft master plan involved extensive community consultation, including sporting clubs.

“A household survey and stakeholders interviews have been conducted as well as a community drop-in event to ensure that the future master plan reflects the needs of the local community,” he said.

Mr Culvenor said he was trying to get as many members of the club as possible to make a submission before the July 15 cut-off date.

Sport and Recreation Policy / Chelsworth Petition to same Council Meeting Oct 7th 2013

On Monday Oct 7th the Councils proposed Sport and Recreation Policy (see item below) goes to council on the same night as it considers the Residents Petition regarding Ivanhoe Grammar and Chelsworth Park ( also see items below )

There is concern for a percieved lack of opportunity for community input to the consultation for both the Policy and the Booking System for Chelsworth Park and this is echoed in concern about the short timeline of two weeks for commenting on the Final Draft of the Policy and ( originally ) the IGS Development Plan. The IGS control of Bookings for Chelsworth Park decision was made at an in Camera meeting of Council in 2012 - with NO ADVERTISING OF AN AGENDA and no advertising of the decision - as in camera meetings are basically discussions held in SECRET

It is interesting that the agenda papers for the Monday 7th Counil Meeting discuss the Human Rights which neeed to be afforded to citizens in regarding to access to sport and opportunitites to comment on policies that affect that access - This is quite inetresting as residents are currently complaining about exaclty this in the Chelworth Petition ( below), and ASKING for a Public Meeting where all matters pertaining to Chelsowrth Park, its use and its Bookings arrangements, can be discussed in an open public forum - where everybody has the opportunity to comment on all aspects of the plan AND to hear the ideas and views of others AND to hear Council explanations of its actions

This is open government and democracy that the residents of Ivanhoe, East Ivanhoe and Eaglemont are asking for - and possibly also we are asking for our basic human rights to be considered - Up until now residents may have had that general feeling that these were their unalienable rights - but perhaps MONDAYS AGENDA demonstrates this is actually the case in current state law ? - and as such this adds surely MORE WEIGHT to the residents arguments ..

People are encouraged to come to the Council Meeting at 7.30pm on Monday 7th October to register to speak and have their voices heard as much as possible in the brief time allowed at the meeting - about the Chelsworth Booking Sytem and the Recreation Policy - Call Councils customer service staff for more information PHONE 94902222 on how to participate either by speaking to an Agenda Item or asking a question at the start of the meeting in QUESTION TIME - both speaking lists require a name to be given prior to the meeting

Banyules Sport and Recreation Policy

In late August 2013 Banyule's staff advertised a new Sport and Recreation Policy on the Council Website - While ONLY ADVERTISED for 2 WEEKS for public comment and as far as we ascetain, - with NO PUBLIC meetings held about this Policy, - several residnets did take the opportunity to respond briefly to the policy - The fairyhillsivanhoe group had only noticed the policy by accident on the last two days of advertising - so there was not much time to alert residents very widely about this in time to comment / Several Residents also had trouble accessing the online comment section of the website - so a pretty low response rate was probalby registered

The Policy was a hefty one with a large swathe of action statements and applicable timelines -- Residents were concerned however about the lack of detail regarding Chelsworth Park and the emphasis lacking on PASSIVE use - One exmaple of a submission is shown below ( Sent to Alison Beckwith who heads the Department concerned with Sport and recreation and ultimately responsible for preparing the policy ) :


Dear Allison,

I would like to comment on the Recreation Policy.

I think there is much to like in the document especially the recognition of “walking” – I especially commend you on statements such as “Therefore it is important for Council to recognise this community preference, and ensure appropriate community infrastructure is developed along Banyule’s shared trails”.


Whilst I like the policy overall, I am very disappointed to see that Chelsworth Pk and Wilson Reserve fail to score a mention! As a resident of The Boulevard, Ivanhoe, for more than 25 yrs, I access Chelsworth Pk and the bike/walking trails via Wilson Reserve. The other important point about the area between Chelsworth Pk, Wilson Reserve and the Yarra River are the series of lagoons (former “aboriginal” hunting & fishing areas), which are the closest ones to the Melbourne CBD and need to be preserved.


I was walking, jogging and running down by the Yarra River and on Chelsworth Pk on Sunday 1st September and counted no fewer than 25 people of all age groups, some families, and “dog walkers” at close to sunset. This is an important community resource, needs to be listed in any formal document, and should be preserved.


You may not be aware that there are an enormous number of community “social” tennis players that use the Chelsworth Pk courts every weekend, and that every Sunday morning there are two “social” soccer games on Chelsworth Pk ovals. These non-competitive activities of Banyule residents need to be mentioned in this document and these individuals should not be forgotten in attempts to promote “formal competitive” sports in the Banyule area.


I strongly believe that Chelsworth Pk and Wilson Reserve should be specifically mentioned in the policy document.


Yours sincerely,

Philip Beart

87-89 The Boulevard Ivanhoe

VIC 3079

belinda 15.10.2018 05:40

How do i get more involved in the fairy hills community? We are relatively new in the area and i'm a stay at home mum.

robyn 15.10.2018 07:50

HI Belinda
call 0427949951
Robyn ( ED ) - and we can chat
would be great to meet you maybe on the weekend ?
I have been a stay at home MUM TOO :)

RR 21.09.2018 23:26

Contact : Robyn Roberts Banyule Planning Network and Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Residents Group - via this Comments Page or OUR CONTACT PAGE - I will return your email

Deanna 20.09.2018 12:45

How can I join or become part of council meetings to protest against all these horrid new developments going up in ivanhoe?

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Alan James 12.11.2014 02:13

Slightly disappointed with CP result, but totally disappointed by the (reported) behavior of one member at the meeting. Does this, and future causes no good!!

ED 19.10.2014 01:22

To "Surprised" - see previous comment on Lease and RE Library -There are no negative comments on a new Library extension. Whole Civic Precinct Plan - an issue

CD 03.09.2014 05:31

Surprised at all the negative comments about Chelsworth Park and a new library. As a resident of Ivanhoe for 38 years. I believe that the last lease worked well

ED 18.10.2014 23:52

NEW Lease quite different to previous one.Please read it. Council still to decided on approval

ED 31.08.2014 06:56

To get the latest version in a timely fashion sign up to the email list ? -
OR offer to help distribute the hard copies ? OR offer to print EXTRA hard copies ?

Zerin Dellal 20.08.2014 14:58

Hi, Start a petition on and alert the greater community to what IGS and BCC plans to do to public parkland. This issue is too important to keep local

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