General Planning Issues affecting Ivanhoe

Sale of Council Footpath Cnr Waterdale and Livingston St - OBJECT and/ or sign petiton by BY Jan 29th

The Land to be sold = a splay for the ROW and in a busy pedestrianised area of Ivanhoe close to churches, community centres and schools - as well as shops

Banyule Council will decide at its Meeting on Jan 29th 2018  - whether to sell a small parcel of footpath land to an adjacent developer who has had talks with Council Planning Staff.

The Public are NOT ALLOWED TO KNOW what these talks were about  - apparently its " part of a normal process"

Please object to:  ATTN Amanda Allen ( sale of Council Land Ivanhoe)   - via customer service - on email as soon as possible :  and also ask us for the Petition below - to get signatures and hand in to customer service as quickly as posible as well

The land abuts a Right of Way behind the UPPER HEID. RD SHOPS -  going from the Civic Precinct to the Coles Shopping Area - and is near where the laneway enters Waterdale Rd.   

  • The land is small, but big enough to act as an extra traffic refuge for pedestrians wanting to avoid traffic coming down the the Right of Way.
  • It also gives good vision to drivers of cars and pedestrians alike both from the Right of Way and from Waterdake Rd to the Right of Way

Residents have already argued last year when this was announced at a Council Meeting  - that the Council should have a general principle of:

  • Avoiding all sales of council land in shopping centers and especilaly where they allow access  - safer ccess in particular.
  • We have too liitle amenity on our shopping centres and would like to be able to plant trees for shade and beauty and to place seating -for those wishing or NEEDING to rest.

We have met with Council staff at the site to explain our position and but are not convinced they agree with us !

Below is a petition you can sign before the Jan 29th Council Meeting.

We would like to put it on the Shaping Banyule Consultation website BUT electronic petitions to Council are not allowed.

Please - make contact through this website -  to get a copy of the petition and if you can,  get your neighbours to sign it -  properly filling out all spaces.  When full,  hand in to Customer Service Town Hall Ivanhoe or drop in the letterbox of 53 Waterdale Ivanhoe ( Fairy Hills )

There is room for  7 signatures per page ONLY so maybe do 2 pages if you can. ( There is a long Preamble to explain the problem and solution - as people will  want  to know what the arguments are ! :)  

Petition to Banyule City Council

January 2018

Petition Organiser:  R Roberts

53 Waterdale  Rd Ivanhoe 3079;  Phone 0427949951



We, the undersigned, Residents of Banyule, and /or users of Waterdale Rd,  users of the Right of Way (Town Hall to Coles), and users of the footpath -  adjacent to 111-113 Waterdale Road, Ivanhoe, (The old Maternal and Child Health Centre, which is now a privately run womens health clinic), petition, and request, the Mayor and Councillor’s of the City of Banyule, to not sell this Right of Way splay adjacent to, and south of, 111-113 Waterdale Road Ivanhoe.


This public space is required to provide clear lines of sight for both drivers and pedestrians on both Waterdale Rd and the ROW.  I.E. To avoid vehicle and vehicle-pedestrian conflict and to allow efficient and safe traffic circulation and deliveries throughout the shopping precinct; The splay / island is essential for the safe crossing of the fairly narrow Waterdale Rd footpath at this point - as an out-of-the-way safety island refuge for Waterdale Rd pedestrians, crossing the ROW, and also for collected pedestrians who are using the excellent view-lines of this site, to cross Waterdale Rd itself.


The site is heavily used by visitors to the community centre opposite, and by local children and parents attending the  Ivanhoe Primary School, notably at peak traffic times, and with very little adequate parking space for parents near the school. The school has a large and diverse catchment address and being convenient to the shops, allows for quick after school access to the local shops with parents doing the evening shop. This period is the one of the most intense of the days’ traffic peaks. 


Whatever its’ current use, the site as an access point, and public space - should be retained in Council hands for the better delivery of public outcomes, rather than sold for commercial use -  with whatever caveats may now be able to be imposed - but which may later wilt or be challenged.    


































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Planning Ministers Visit to Banyule May 2017 - Residential Zone Changes and The Structure Plans

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