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Ivanhoe school extension hits planning snag

Ivanhoe Grammar School principal Rod Fraser in front of the year 7 building he plans to extend. Picture: JANINE EASTGATE N12HB412

AN IVANHOE school principal says his students’ education could be affected if Banyule Council rejects changes to its building plans.

Ivanhoe Grammar School principal Rod Fraser lodged an amendment to an existing development plan to enable the school to add to its year 7 building.

But the council was divided about whether to accept the amendment.

The councillors voted to defer their decision until the next council meeting.

Mr Fraser said students would have to wait three or four years for the new building, if the council rejected the amendment.

“We are in the process of bringing in a new learning program, which needs the proposed facility for its different learning spaces,” Mr Fraser said.

“(If rejected) ... we will have to wait for a new development plan to be written up by the council in the next two years before we could put in the redevelopment plans. It means we couldn’t commence the extensions for the next three or more years.”

The council’s director of city development, Scott Walker, said that while the council officers supported the redevelopment of the building, they needed to consider whether the proposal should be assessed in a longer-term, five-year plan, which would be included in a new development plan.

Ivanhoe Grammar School, Gate 1, Russell Street, Ivanhoe, Victoria 3079.

Phone: 03 9455 1330 


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Water Harvesting Project an opportunity for IGS

 Excerpt from the Council Agenda of 8 th Feb  2010  - about the potential water Harvesting Project at Chelsworth Park

 "The lease on the golf course expires in October 2010. Ivanhoe Grammar’s lease on

Chelsworth Park expires in 2014. The expiry of both leases provides a unique opportunity to

fund local contributions to any capital upgrade of the facilities.

It is now intended that a process to develop new leases will commence. The new leases will

include conditions for contributions that will fund the capital upgrade of both facilities

including the funding of the proposed stormwater harvesting project. Discussions have

commenced on new lease arrangements for development over the next few months. Council

has until about July 2010 before any formal offer would be made from the Federal

Government to fund the project."


 It meets the Criteria of the City Plan at the time to


...Support and strengthen the health and well-being of the Banyule community


 ...... Conduct Council activities in a sustainable manner, by practicing sound stewardship of the natural environment we are responsible for, to ensure its diversity, protection and enhancement for present and future generations.


 ......  Enable Banyule’s buildings, places and spaces to be more sustainable for communities to live, work, shop, move and play locally.


....... Support the development of a thriving and sustainable local  economy for Banyule.

The Age May 1984

Bird Habitat At Risk, Group Claims . - Google News
proposal by Ivanhoe Grammar School to lease a public park and upgrade sporting ... said the possible drainage of Chelsworth Park could kill near by wetlands ...

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