Parking and Traffic

The Resident Only Parking Trial Update June 2016

One car parked illegally on yellow lines near the Latham St / Ridgeway corner, another parked illegally in a no standing area - school pick up - 9/6/16

(The trial has been a huge success in reducing parking in Waterdale Road and travelling residents are feeling much safer as a result.  

Overall Fairy Hills is much quieter - which many residents have also enjoyed.

The Ridegway however continues to be very congested -  at the lower ( northern) end during school peaks.Residents there are still constantly annoyed by school related illegal parking, blocking driveways and being too close to corners.  

Please be observant of such transgressions and report them to Council.( A photo is a good idea ) Such parking is illegal for a reason - to avoid accidents. We would all like to be able to park just anywhere - but  in following the rules, we keep all parents with young children safer on their way to school. - And we allow residents to use there driveways and keep their cars off the road, making more space for parents and other visitors who park safely. Often it is only the same few people who don't park safely. Some fines might make a difference to their behaviour.     

If you feel the parking trial is NOT going well in some way? - Please write to the Fairy Hills website with your thoughts via our . Some of the earlry comments have been around the times for the restricted parking not being long enough  - especially in the Ridgeway near the Junior School where extra school visitors arrive up until 6pm and later and take spots that residents arriving home from work would like to be able to use. Let us know ( and Council ) know  if this is a problem for you ? At what times would you like to see less or more restrictions ?  How has the trial affected you ?   

As IGS will be doing a report on BUS Parking to Council in August we would also like your feedback on buses. Where are they Parking ? Are they pulling up correctly ( Ie to the kerb and in a designated bus parking bay.) Are they entering through the Ridgeway only and out via Merton and Waterdale ?    

Residents were amazed to see a full sized bus trying to enter Scotts Parade from Russell St  and getting very stuck. We have asked Council for signage at the bottom of Russell St advising buses and oversized vehicles NOT to enter. This will be even more important with the building of the Schools new Sport Precinct at the end of Russell St.    

Progress to Compliance : Report to Council on IGS Plan March 2016

About to be updated - in the meantime see the current Fairy Hills News

Progress to Compliance : Report to Council on IGS Plan Feb 2016

About to be updated - in the meantime see the current Fairy Hills News

Progress to Compliance : Report to Council on IGS Plan Oct 5th 2015

Progress to Compliance : Report to Council on IGS Plan Oct 5th 2015

On Monday 5th October Officers presented a report to Council on the progress ( or rather lack of progress ) with the new Council Approved IGS Plan. The Councils Agenda papers provide the full report ( Item 4.1 ) and the Minutes show how the recommendation wording was altered during the Council Meeting by Staff and Councillors - after Ward Councillor and resident input.

As yet IGS has not presented the rewritten New Plan to Council staff (for signing off )- and so no proposed works identified  in the Plan can take place. Various parts of the Plans wording must be changed by IGS and some extra documents need to be provided ( and approved by staff ) before the Plan can be activated.

Breeches under the IGS 2000 Plan

The report to Council also summarised progress with breeches by IGS of its 2000 Plan and shortfall staff parking which must be made up as part of transition to complinace approved at the June 9th Council Meeting. To date all breeches are still in play.

Fairy St and Elphin St Car Parks

One contentious alteration in the wording of the IGS new approved Plan which we were hoping to see in the rewrite of the Plan  was an alteration to the wording around parking after hours in the Fairy and Elphin st Car Parks. The parking between Locksley House and the schools western boundary immediately abuts  the front and rear fence-lines of two residential properties - and in one case the windows and front door look onto that car park which is just a meter or two form the front door.

Residents were hoping IGS would approve  an adjustment to the wording around that car park to remove after hours parking (  6pm - 10pm ). IE essentially keep in place the amenity which exits under the IGS 2000 Plan -  We were hoping IGS would do this to keep good faith with its neighbours. The school so far has not got back to Council with a proposal but the Officers report and recommendation did clarify how many spaces had been approved in this location ( 7 ) and flagged the possibilty of those spaces ( which are to be counted for maximum attandance levels to be calculated ) being shifted to elsewhere on the site if the school agrees.

Resident Robyn Roberts spoke at the Council Meeting to suggest the area between the schools Main Admin and its Main Reception area ( both located either side of The Ridgeway between Rose and Merton St ) could be used for the 7 spaces OR that an undercroft could be developed under the proposed new Senior Centre for that small amount of parking ( 7 spaces ) Original plans for the Senior Centre from 2013 did show such an undercroft with 20-25 spaces of parking but this was later deleted.

The officers report is very detailed and gives a good picture of what is happening re IGS compliance / non compliance issues.

It notes very clearly that IGS is out of compliance by 47 spaces for staff parking on site ( due to unapproved increases in staff ( and students ) since around 2011-13.) - No wonder residents have observed great increases in staff parking in the residential streets. This added to extra congestion in student drop off and pick up and also senior student parking is the main driver for the Councils proposed Resident Parking Scheme around IGS . For more on that proposal see our Parking TRIAL Page.



The 2000 IGS Plan has been extended a further 12 months in the light of  IGS NOT completing its required rewrite of the New Plan. 

The Council Officers Recommendations are accepted - with alterations - on June 9th 2015 but the Campaign continues to enhance the outcome

At the Council Meeting of June 9th 2015 members of the Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Residents Group spoke to Councillors urging them to improve the outcome in many ways.

Having previously met with staff over the previous weeks, and with the Ward Councillor, to improve the outcome, we were looking for quite a few changes.  Unfortunately the  official IGRIG consultative group had its meetings discontinued by staff well before all the issues with the Plan had been discussed in detail.- This meant FHI residents reps attending meetings in business hours and often quite early in the day, when officers did not have other scheduled meetings, so not all of our Reps could attend each time

Several of our own recommendations were taken up by staff following those extra meetings - which was great ! But some parts of the Officers Recommendations  still retain what we believe are serious flaws and some matters that concern residents greatly have not been addressed at all.

The members of  Fairy Hils Ivanhoe Residents Group continue to meet with the Ward Councillor and Officers to improve the outcomes as much as possible and would also urge the school to look at opportunities to improve the Plan voluntarily in response to community concerns - Some of those concerns are listed below - Please urge those on the school board you know and the staff at the School - especially the new Principal to take and interest in these matters.


Parts of the Plan which need improving :

A/ The Sports Centre Design -The Sports Centre is a massive building and is to be constructed in a prime residential area of Ivanhoe, close to homes and close to The Boulevard Scenic Tourist Route along the Yarra escarpment. For images of  the design and a discussion of our apprehensions please go to the IGS Sports Centre Page of this website.

B/ The Hours of Use of the Sports Centre -   Council has approved extensive outside of School Hours Use for Users other than the school - Use may occur  Mon to Thurs until 10am  all nights of the year including extensive car parking around the building within metres of homes (including windows and private spaces ) Community efforts to curtail this type of use to three nights a week ( as a trial )  to check the likely amenity issues - failed. Efforts to ensure Car Parking was only within the new proposed Underground Car Park ( at least 128 spaces ) also failed. We believe that after hours and especially late at night that providing 128 spaces for outside users is more than sufficient given this is a resoidential area with narrow streets. Our amenity is being attacked by this Plan.

We are urging the IGS community to back us in asking IGS to agree to an amendment to the Plan whereby  all parking on the west of the schools Locklsey building - directly abutting homes-  is made unavailable to non school users ; and is only used by IGS during a minimum number of occassions when the  combined Underground ( 128 ) and at grade Russell St car spaces ( around 50 ) are inadequate for school purposes.

We agree IGS must be able to use its grounds for school purposes both in and outside shool hours  ( For eg  after hours uses such as ART shows and MUSIC rehearsals  must be allowed adequate parking on the school grounds )  but after hours uses should be limited wherever possible to retain the surrounding residential amenity and certainly the hiring of facilities to outside  groups should not impose  unreasonable detriment to neighbours.

If Council wishes to have extra sports facilities available to local groups -  it should continue with  its previous Plan for a new multipurpose stadium in Banskia Street (which it promised the community it would build on the old Banksia High site.)

This must not be delayed - This site has better access, ( two streets so an in /out drop off drive way would be good ),  more room for parking, and is on an island site NOT abutting homes.

Building the Ivanhoe West stadiums - would spread the access to stadiums away from just Eastern  Ivanhoe -  to allow for more residents to have a stadium within walking distance. For example, both IGGS and IEPS provide a stadium for community use and unitl recently IGS provided some use of its gym too ( But only two nights per week ) West Ivanhoe has no stadium and as the old housing commission area is being smartly redeveloped and more young  families move in the need to convenient access to better sports facilities is urgent.

C/ - Unfortunately IGS did not make good with its promise to not build such fences in such a way that this can be guranteed - No wording was placed in the Plan to back up this statement by the schools previous principal Rod Fraser.

We know from a previous VCAT case ( 2011 ) that IGS can build such fences if the Plan is silent on them.

It is still not too late for IGS to submit an amendment to Council that would enhrine in planning law access between Merton and Fairy street along the existing  public path. We urge those who care about community connectivity and the beautiful relationship the community previously enjoyed with IGS to lobby the school to do this. 

D/ Some other points we wish IGS to consider in providing its future building plans to Council  include:

  • the siting of the Underground Car Park closer to the main school community with a lift access into a new major part of the school - the  new proposed Senior Centre at the end of Merton St
  • More emphasis on replanting to protect the themes of existing heritage plantings on the site ( The 19th and early 20th Century planting themes associated with the heritage listed main adminstration building - Dark plantings such as Bhutan Cypress, native Bunya and Hoop Pines and the array of other various drought resistent introduced Pinus sps were used and also the very colourful array of poplar species and especially the magnificent Golden Poplars on the west of the school (Populus serotina aurea) These are all mature canopy plantings now and will decline eventulaly and should be replaced with the same or very similar species -(A heritage building (The original mansion from the 1860s ) -  should be maintained in the setting designed for it ( and that includes just after it was built ) - to enhance its story  for generations to come)

We are also urging Council to do the IGS BUS SURVEY ( with a view to public safety ) immediately to ensure adequate provision of bus parking bays at both the junior and senior school at all times that buses are needed for pickup and set down - ie both before and after normal school hours as well as during the day - At times there are more buses than parking spaces allow, and buses are picking up in the middle of the road and in no standing areas ( which is very hazardsous ) Council needs to rectify this straight away and have IGS place any lost dedicated staff parking in the Ridgeway into the New IGS proposed underground car park.

Before any Trial Residential Parking Scheme is applied to Fairy Hills - the community should have input into the types of limits applied and the extent of the Plan and how it will be monitored. The Ward Councillor has agreed to such a meeting  and will place this on the agenda of the next Council Meeting ( August 17th ) Residents also are expecting this trial to be free and would hope that any future scheme would also be free - See the Fairy Hills  Resident Parking Scheme page for more info :-

Please see the links to those pages for more information as well as the points below which we have raised  with Council earlier for more detail :-

Email our Contacts Page to be kept more up to date with regular email bulletins and also to let us know anything you are concerned about such as bus safety and parking / traffic issues ( Pictures which demonstrate your concern can be added to the webpages where appropriate - PLEASE SEND THEM IN )

Officer Recommendations  RE IGS PLAN for June 9th Council Meeting

The full Officer Report to Councillors is available from Councils customer service centres and on the Council website at: ( Google Banyule Agendas )

The actual proposed IGS forward  Plan and the existing 2000 Plan ( and subsequent amendments ) are also available at ( Google Banyule Ivanhoe Grammar)

All our comments and suggested rewording of the officer recommendations are below - They are all essential to a satisfactory outcome but a few key highlights which are still proving very problematic are :

Current Officer wording for the Council Meeting PERMITS :

  • Fences and Restriction of Community Access Merton to Fairy Sts ( see our new suggested wording at the end of the document RE Gates and Fences Recommendation K )


  • A new Sports Stadium abutting homes which is 3 storeys  high and the length of two tennis courts.  See our suggested changes at point 1b) Recommendation A )


  • Car Parking at Elphin and Fairy st Car Parks abutting private open space - 5 nights a week unitl 9.30/10pm and Saturdays until 5pm ( see our suggested change at point 7 - in Recommendation A )


  • Use of the Sports Centre by community groups across any part of Melbourne until 9.30/10pm at night all weekdays with any amount of traffic allowed to enter Russell St and Scotts Parade Marshall st and all streets east ( see our suggested changes at point 2 Recommendation A )


  • Staff actually not using the Underground Car Park even though we have  Resident Permit Parking imposed across most of Fairy Hills. ( Staff can park and move their cars or can take the risk of fines if the NEW underground park is too far from where they work )( See our suggestion at point 16A Recommendation A about an underground tunnel to Senior Centre to make it more attractive )


  • Inadequate solution to the illegal parking of school buses ( see our suggested changes at point 20 Recommendation A)


  • ELC - Early Learning Centre ( North end of The Ridgeway). Due to parent drop off, by law, requiring parents at the classroom door - this creates much havoc with parking and traffic around the entire school - as parents park in the longer term spaces in Marshall, Linton, Latham and Lower Heidelberg Rd-   and don't return to their cars for some time after the primary chidren have gone inside and they have had a chat ( Many don't have to go off to work if they still have young children at home. The Officer Recommendation  is in ERROR saying that the numbers of students here can be INCREASED from 44 to 66 (at any one time ) This was NOT aksed for in the Plan which went on exhibition - OR ANY PLAN -(See our wording about this at point 23 Staff and Student Numbers Recommendation A)


  • Resident Parking Permits ( REC C) - As we have repeatedly raised with council that this is a loss of amenity for residents, we have included words to allow for the Permits to be temporary and for a free period as a trial only as the officers have previously agreed with this but not captured it here ( where it counts !) We have also added that IGS has consultation with its staff about parking solutions with respect to the new Car Parks -to help create some goodwill and a workable sytem. ( see Recommendation C below for exact wording )


  • Building a new frontage to the year 9 Centre which is forward of the front wall of Heritage building Ivanhoe House  ( see our suggested changes for protecting the heritage building  at additional Recommendation H )


  • Fences and Gates - As the staff document and the IGS Proposal is silent on this - it therefore allows such structures to be buolt without permit (- As seen when Council contested this issue previously at VCAT in 2011 where the wording of the 2000 Plan document was not adequate to prevent fences and gates which were not in the Plan being built ) (see our additional wording at new Recommendation K)


  • Throughout the Consultation Process many inadequate Plans and Reports have been provided by IGS. Errors in title boundaries, major canopy trees trees not shown, buildings and other infrastructure not shown, etc and Reports - which don't make sense. ( The recent traffic report is a prime example ) - It is imperative that all Plans are correct that will be submitted to Council and used for future permit granting - And for that to occurr Residents need more input into such Plans to scrutinize them for errors -In various places in the Recommendations we are asking for some kind of access to check those plans ( - you will need to read the whole doc below to see where we think this is critical )




BCC Officers Report and Recommendations to Council


For the Council Meeting of June 9th 2015

Changes to the Officer Recommendation ( from the Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Residents Group )


Generally excellent wording but:

Add : ( after the 3rd sentence) Moving northwards from the heritage listed “Ivanhoe House” school reception and staff common room building in the Ridgeway near Rose St – proposed works  include ; the Year 9 Building Extension, Chapel extension ; and at the Junior School near Latham St the Dodemaide Hall extension  and Art  rooms extensions. 


Generally excellent wording but:

Recommendation A:


1a)  Keep in mind height levels do not have to reach international height standards – only national and local standards – (Do we need to note this now for future reference?


  • “Pitch” is the slope of a roof – We are concerned that “Pitch running east west “is confusing as pitch does run anywhere - We take it to mean the ridgelines will be East /West in direction (This will help with recessiveness on The Boulevard (very important) and at the northern end view lines to the building from Russell St and the school Oval.) Should this be clarified in the recommendation?


  • Minimisation” of eastern end wall heights – seems to need strengthening ; Suggestions include : Before a permit is granteda geotechnical report for the excavation of the site for the Sports Centre foundationswill demonstrate :

i.   that the site can be excavated without affecting  the stability of nearby properties

ii.   that the site can be excavated enough to reduce eastern edge wall heights to 6 Ms


iii.  that the site can be excavated to a depth of approximately  four metres from the   existing natural ground level to ensure that the height of the proposed sports stadium remains in scale and proportion to the surrounding residential homes that it will interface with

1c) Add after properties – “at ground level “

2. The Sports Centre use (-including its pool) limited to; 7am start and after hours use (school and community) to be restricted to three nights a week only, from the hours of 4:00pm to 9:00pm.  This arrangement will be trialled for a period of twelve (12) months from the commissioning of the proposed sports stadium.  After the twelve month period, should the residents in consultation with Council agree that no adverse amenity impacts have arisen, then the frequency of use can be increased to four nights a week from the hours of 4:00pm to 9:00pm. Yearly monitoring of any increased use for the first five years after any increase in use will establish if the increased use times should continue to be applied ( A yearly public consultation process will be required  by council and paid for by the school )

Community Uses include: ... Users do not need to have an affiliation with the school, but must be community groups (not for profit) based in Banyule, in Griffin or Olympia wards. This measure aims to reduce the after-hours car traffic footprint in surrounding streets, and across all of Banyule.

The amount of seating allowed in the Sports Centre  ( including the new pool ) will be a maximum of 100 seats as described in the Development Plan Proposal from IGS

4. The Sports Centre is not to be used until all parking allocated in the Development Plan to the southern end of the school, including the underground Car Park is made available for use.

5. An acoustic report – which analyses the current background minimum (ambient) noise levels, and which will be the performance test for the building to maintain, will be provided.............


6. Activities within Locksley House limited to the hours of 7am – 9pm weekdays (and for limited days as described above) and for 7am – 5pm Saturday.

7. A requirement..... The combined total occupancy........ having regard to the number of onsite car parking spaces reasonably available for............. (Both Fairy and Elphin St Car parks abut private open space and it is not reasonable to allow parking in these areas, after 6pm weekdays and at all on Saturday and Sunday) The Russell St (maintenance area) Car Park is buffered from private open space by the existing maintenance sheds and will be permitted while they still exist. It could be appropriate to allow parking in these parking spaces a few times a year (later than 6pmand on Saturdays and Sundays ) - after seeking consent from the neighbours immediately abutting, and writing to Council to also receive their consent for these special events. 

8. Opportunity needs to be included here for community comment on the Management Plan


11c) Provide adequate sight lines........... removal of vegetation in the Road Reserve ;

It should be clear to Councillors and Council staff ( and the SCHOOL ) that the schools property runs into Russell St and that the verge on the eastern fence-line is actually not the road reserve ; It would be help if we changed this wording to avoid confusion and the prospect that the school could remove large canopy trees in this verge as they have been given permission to remove tress in the “road reserve”

WE could add –

It is noted that the treed verge on the schools eastern fence-lineis actually not the road reserve and if any trees are to be removed here they will require a Council Permit to be issued after a proper traffic engineering analyisis of the need for such a removal ( appropriately heritage themed re planting would also take place.

12. The correct numberof parking spaces currently on site and their location (- as  identified by detailed maps showing each space and including parking at the IGS Merton St and Rose street properties ) will be identified and the spaces to be lost due to the proposed Development Plan will also be noted on detailed maps of each space -  and  their total included and the correct surplus calculated using existing approved staff numbers under the 2000 Development Plan . All access to these spaces and barriers to access such as buildings, and trees  and other barriers such as fences, gardens enclosures and the schools title boundaries adjacent or near theses spaces also need to be accurately shown

Opportunity needs to be included here for community comment on the both the maps and their accuracy (as these things have not been provided accurately as part of this process .

16. Cycling –  do we need to add ? Shower and change facilities and signage for these - should also be provided for cyclists in the new Senior Centre close to the bulk of staff activity. Direction Signage for the cycling storage spaces and their number - should also be indicated on the boundary of the school grounds at appropriate places - for any members of the public who are visiting the site. These change spaces and signs to be indicated on plans submitted to Council for approval when the main new sources of activity , - Senior Centre, Sports Centre and underground Car Park design are being approved.

16A. / 17 New – Before a permit is granted for the Underground Car Park,  a geotechnical report is required which identifies opportunities for creating a pedestrian passageway to the proposed Senior Centre Building from the Underground Car Park; If feasible such a passage way may be a requirement of permit . (This allows for the Car Park to be really well used and also could allow residents to avoid amenity reducing parking restrictions as are implied in parking permits. It also could reduce the cost of enforcement for Council as the staff will be more likely to use the new Car Park. It will benfit the school in making their staff more comfortable  in wet stormy or generally inclement weather.)


20.  The number and timing of buses ( including all types of buses such as small commuter and large touring buses, and including all uses for buses : - such as normal school arrival and departure( all age groups and any different staring times ), day excursions, yearly sports program, yearly extra curriculum program, weekly camps, athletic carnivals etc ) be assessed for adequate legal and safe parking provision by suitably qualified traffic consultants with access to the complete school yearly program which will also be provide in the report. The report will be provided to Council at the same time that the census of students is given in August 2015

Opportunity needs to be included here for community comment on the both the yearly program and its completeness (as these things have not been provided accurately as part of this process)


23. ELC  The community would like to see the ELC impact “normalised” into the overall school numbers at some time in the future. This is a start. However there  is an ERROR in the wording. It should read :-

The total number of children in the permitted at any one time in the ELC section of the school, -to not exceed 44 and a total of three staff

(The ELC is currently registered for 66 students but die to Health Dept rulings about the space and facilities provided can only take 44 students at any one time. The students are staggered in attendance over the week  - so that impact is from 44 students at any one time - not 66 . An increase to 66 students at any one time is completely unacceptable as this caues worst problem for traffic at the school and has impacts from Marshall St to Linton st Lower Heidelberg Rd and Latham  St, as well as The Ridgeway where it is situated. This occurs because these age groups have to be taken to the door by parents and many parents also park for longer than that visit would take to stay with slightly older siblings attending primary school or to chat with other parents.


26. Retention of high value trees . Councils arborist has taken the position that high value trees near the Senior Centre would not be removed see page 32 this report – Council arborist advice paragraph 5. This was also in the officers RIG table I think - Strengthen to be in line with the Councils own arborists report:

ADD after existing sentence

No currently identified “high retention value trees” from the current tree report submitted with the current Development Plan proposal  will be removed for the new Senior Centre building – and very rigorous conditions will govern their protection during construction. An amended Landscape Master Plan and Senior Centre building plan must be submitted to Council to provide surety of the protection of these trees.

27 Tree Care Management Plan ( very important as the school has not maintained its trees well – including its ELMS)  Council bears the cost for  Elm leaf beetle at IGS as it spreads to other Council owned trees and these have to be treated more frequently as numbers rise )The infection of Elm Leaf Beetle at the school has soared since Council stopped spraying for it ( The elms are on school property along Russell st ) Other practices at the school also are allowing the spread of dangerous fungus identified in the Junior School, and recent engineering works and replanting with high nutrient soils and to higher depths above the root zone - also allow for dehydration and poisoning of the root zone of many species. A Tree Care Management Plan at IGS must include information on all these matters as well as arboricultural structural health – which is all the school have concentrated on until now

New wording : A Tree Care Management Plan be prepared which examines soil dehydration, systemic fungus infection of existing and imported soils , soil depth and pH build up due to garden beds on existing older trees  root zones and any changes in building and infrastructure design such as plumbing, and water storage on site which will affect the trees in the future. The report should be carried out by well qualified persons with specialities in Heritage Tree Maintenance and Heritage Landscape, tree soil health, and arboriculture. The Tree Care Management Plan to become an Appendix to the Development Plan and .......

(Several different specialities may need to be employed  to achieve the depth of knowledge required.)

Opportunity needs to be included here for community comment on the Tree Care  Management Plan report as these details have not already been provided

28 Landscape Plan

Opportunity needs to be included here for community comment on the Landscape Plan as these details have not already been provided and the heritage value of the site merits it receives the best input possible from knowledgeable people in our community including especially those with heritage tree knowledge We also need to be sure that any maps in the Plan are accurate

Recommendation B:

Recommendation C:

1. a) Resident Consultation Permit Parking Trial That Council  ............... park within the onsite car park

The consultations may conclude that temporaryfree permit  parking trials (over some months or years ) may be the best way to manage off site impacts from IGS staff overall under supply of parking onsite

b) IGS Staff Consultation IGS will also undertake a staff consultation to create a Staff Parking Management Plan  that aims to ensure maximum staff utilisation of on-site spaces occurs. This could result in allocated or unallocated parking or some mix of the two. The Parking Management Plan will also contain details of how the restriction of parking to staff during the school day will occur – IE whether a card system of punch code system for staff access will be developed and how this will be managed.

2.   Change to 20 spaces for Short Term parking The Ridgeway Add

The 20 spaces will be reallocated to the new underground Staff Car Park in line with the IGS Development Plan Proposal put forward by Ratio Consultants 

Any need for any extra bus parking arrangements in The Ridgeway – following the study on buses to be completed by the school - will also result in a requirement for extra spaces in the underground Car Park


Recommendation D:

Recommendation E:

Recommendation F:

Detail in Plans –

All Plans submittedto Council that represent existing conditions to accurately show all existing conditions including hard landscape, garden beds, lawn, all buildings including sheds, parking spaces, tree, access ways for cars, maintenance equipment and buggies and school bins, and will also accurately show all title boundaries and public ROWs and fences and gates both external and internal.  All plans submitted showing future proposals will also accurately show all these things.  All school vehicles and trailers taking up parking spaces will be allocated parking and shown on maps and plans in all plans submitted to council  

Again public comment needs to be added to ensure accuracy

Recommendation G:

Environment – Lighting – as a significantly large site so closely abutting the Yarra corridor and its wildlife and also abutting the residential interface

All existing and proposed after hours lighting will be shown on an Environmental Impact Plan submitted as part of each building permit process, including and especially including for all Car Parks. Lighting should be low level (less than 1 Metre) and have automatic time off switches for unintended use, and automatic activation for emergency unplanned use.

Recommendation H:

Heritage building and surrounding alterations 

  1. The proposed extension to the Year 9 building - just north of the heritage building Ivanhoe / Sherwood House, will not advance its footprint to the west (towards The Ridgeway) beyond the current west wall of the Heritage building Ivanhoe/ Sherwood House. The Year 9 building  and any other proposal for buildings near Ivanhoe/ Sherwood House will not advance its/ their  building footprint  any further towards any section of Ivanhoe /Sherwood House and building external finishes and landscaping will respect view lines to the heritage building.
  2. All proposed internal alterations to Sherwood / Ivanhoe House will include plans of any use or activity changes within the building so that any access issues for the site as a whole and that part of the school especially - can be assessed


Recommendation I:

Senior Centre – “Cafe and storage” add

Plans showing the proposed cafe position and access and any large storage spaces ( over 2m X 2m ) access will be supplied to Council prior to a permit approval – Intensity of use of such areas will also be described and Council will form a view about any non school use and the provision of parking and traffic management

Recommendation J:

Trees – Construction Management Plan and Landscape replanting

A Landscape Plan and future suggested species list - will be prepared that incorporates the replanting of mature large canopy trees thematic with the older plantings at the site. These will include dark coniferous species, golden and silver species such as Poplar serotina aurea, other poplar species and oaks represented on site. Interesting and unusual horticultural species similar to those also represented on site, should also be considered for sub canopy replacement plantings.  Replanting of such heritage theme species should occur as near as possible to the site where a tree is removed or lost to continue to pattern of historical plantings

In particular, the large Poplar serotina aurea recently removed from in front of Locksley House  should be replanted in approximately its same location ( in line with other similar poplars further north along the schools west boundary )

Recommendation K: Fences and Gates

Throughout the consultation process residents have been concerned that the school add no new fences and gates to the site which could further restrict community access along the schools pathways derived from a previous Council ROW along the old extension of The Ridgeway.  The school also verbally undertook, through its principal Rod Fraser in the Heidelberg Leader newspaper - after the first Development Plan Draft in 2013, to remove all gates and fences from its Plan.

The school will formally add to the Development Plan for Council approval wording that prevents any future gates or fences restricting that community access under any circumstances, - for the life of this new proposed Plan.


IGS PLAN reaching Final Stages


Ivanhoe Grammar School Proposed Development Plan

Draft Officer Position goes to Community Reference Group Meeting April 14th 2015

On the evening of Tuesday 14th April Planning Officers met with the IGRIG, ( Community Reference Group for the IGS Plan ) and IGS REP Ken Whiteman, to discuss their current position on the 4th School Plan

A fairly detailed Officer Position Paper had been prepared and so there was plenty to discuss, seek more information on, and debate. It was a very useful meeting and Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Reps had been able to be very prepared having recieved the documentation on the Friday evening prior and having had workshops on the Saturday and on the Sunday with the local community, FHIRG had been able to letterbox around 800 homes ABOUT THE MEETING; around 400 in great detail;  and also provide updates in the Fairy Hills News to several oulets - for the community at large.

Residents who were on the FHIRG were able to recieved the complete Council Document (as PDF) with comments attached from the Saturday workshop. The Sunday Workshop endorsed the comments from the Saturday Workshop with some additional comments : All Comments were sent to Councils Planning Staff on the Sunday evening. They formed the basis for the FHIRG response to Council at the Tuesday Meeting

If you would like a copy of the Original Council Officer Position Paper ( with FHIRG comments attached ) OR would like to be added to our email list  for any future updates - please email us on the contact page of this website

Additional Comments from the Community Meeting Sunday 12th April

Community Pedestrian Access - Council ( and IGS )  must document the community pedestrian access which will exist under the Dev Plan

This is  critical for residents’ - who wish to prevent fences appearing along public access routes.  IGS has publicly endorsed this in the media BUT not placed comments on the Plan. BCC needs to prompt this from IGS ; and tell the Community NOW if IGS is refusing to put an assurance into print.

Heritage Building - Council needs better documentation of any fences at the Heritage Building ( and any other location ?) Mention of Fences in this section of the 4th IGS Plan report seems to contradict statements’ by IGS that is is abandoning the idea of fences?

Sports Centre Height - Why is the reference to maximum height of 11.5 metres qualified by reference to that height only to the eastern boundary?

Residents are appalled that so little time is being allowed to get extra info from IGS / and to Clarify Statements in the Officers Position Paper Table. A timetable has been set that does not allow for delays in IGS producing documentation required

Staging:   It seems that previous indications from officers have been turned on their heads in this doc ? Esp regarding the proposed Car Park timing which we believed would be the FIRST PROJECT ie before any other buildings are constructed. This is to allow for staff parking to continue in this location while other car parks adjacent to the sports stadium are used for Construction activities ( as was the case with the Locksley Redevelopment)

INTENSTY of After Hours USE; FHIRG IGRIG members  believed Council officers would ensure intensity would be limited. BUT discussion with senior staff just prior to the Position Paper being released and in the paper itself - showed no intent of limitation. Residents are opposed to intensification of use ( and subsequent traffic imposts through the day and night ) in our quiet and restriucted streets

The intensification problem is an ongoing concern that was hotly debated at the TUESDAY 14th Meeting with Officers ( - without real satifaction on our part except that we had a voice and created new awareness on many points)

Many problems exist with the Officer Position Paper and FHIRG memebsr will be attempting to meet with Council Officers over coming weeks to continue to work on these

One excellent outcome from the Meeting is that an Updated Position Paper will be released in TWO WEEKS to clarify and extend the detail in the current Postion Paper. This will be forwarded to all on the FHIRG email list for potential comment as soon as we have it. SO do make sure you are on our list ( contact us through this websites contact page ) 

In the meantime also ask for our detailed comments on the current OFFICER POSITION PAPER


FEB 2015 Submissions can still be sent to Banyule Council RE IGS Plan

Following the PUBLIC MEETING on DEC 3rd at the TOWNHALL Council is still considering the Plan put forward by IGS for the next 5 years PLUS .... - of development on the school site.

The community working group appointed by Council in late 2013 still has not met with Council Planners to discuss the results of the DEC meeting and any responses the school may have made since then. However surveyors have attended a site near the Proposed MULTI Level Sports Centre adjacent to the swimming pool to review the possible effects on the private open space from the rather large structure. (No reports have been received by the resident as yet)

Residents are urged  to become acquainted with the Plan, especially with buildings proposed NEAR their HOME ( several are planned across the campus ) and also to look critically at the proposed timetable for development and the overall increase in staff and students proposed ( about 25% but with a proviso that part time staff will be avoided. If part time staff are NOT avoided the increase in staff parking may be higher than proposed. 

At the various sessions and also the plenary of the meeting in DEC many residents suggested that the Plan should NOT be approved at all - As in an effort to solve  one problem with the Plan - a differnet problem arises ! The contention is that the site is just too small and the surrounding area contains too many narrow access points for the Plan to be viable while still maintaining existing resident AMENITY

The Deveopment Plan Overlay -  which applies to IGS - is designed to protect Resident Amenity when Private schools develop their land. In the past, many wealthy private schools created mayhem in small residental streets with their extensive ( and competitive ) building programs and  the Govt of the day sought to restrict development to what was reasonable in terms of local resident amenity.

Please look at the Plan on Councils website and send your comments to Marked Submission to IGS Development Plan

Alternatively if you need help understanding the Plan or would like to know more about the Process or the Plan (and current criticisms of it ) please contact the Fairy hills Ivanhoe Group via this website OR the members of the commmunity working group (-They are listed on the Councils IGS Plan webpage above)

Comments on the Plan are also located on other pages of this website  - These are often updated when anything changes in the Plan OR new information is recieved

MEETING to Review IGS 2014 Plan - WED 3rd DEC 4- 9pm ; Discussion at Town Hall - SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY

Ivanhoe Grammar School Development Plan - 4-9pm Consultation session WED DEC 3rd Town Hall - choose your session EVERY HOUR FROM 4PM there is a SESSION ! - PLENARY at 8PM - this could be your ONLY face to face chance to ask questions of the applicant.

See the Important Dates sections of the website - for more details about this meeting IE  for session times/ etc  and  how to  send an email to Andy Wilson to book a slot -  if you are not sure about availability just come anyway

The IGS Development Plan includes :

  • NO GUARANTEE of continued access across the school between Merton st and Fairy / Elphin
  • an increase of students by around 25%
  • Several large new buildings (at BOTH the Senior AND  Junior schools )
  • TWO  on The Ridgeway side of the school - (one near the existing Dodemaid Hall -  the other near Buckley Hall ) - accessed by the Ridgeway and all streets to the west;
  • ONE on the RUSSELL ST side of the School
  • This is the proposed 18M plus multicourt stadium and fitness centre - Access to be via  Marshall,  Scotts Parade, Russell, Fairy, and Elphin  Sts directly AND  also via buses in The Ridgeway
  • Access to all buildings proposed will be via  by small residential streets - NOT MAIN ROADS
  • Some buildings will  be open from 5 AM until 10pm at night and to public users ! IE   to fee paying customers who are NOT IGS students - again with access off local residential streets
  • Already there has been a big increase in traffic and parking around the Locksley ARTS PRECINCT since its opening mid-year and much of this OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL HOURS !
  • Locksley  is being used by large groups of fee paying customers over nights and weekends  - as it includes a large auditorium (which was NOT revealed to Council in the description of the project )

There will also be:-

  • An increase in staff and related parent parking  - creating greater congestion in local streets -  at peak times
  • EVEN WITH the new proposed underground car park ( which will cater to paying customers over nights and weekends ) there will continue to be a short fall in parking


DO YOU KNOW THAT THE SCHOOL IS COVERED BY A PLANNING OVERLAY THAT IS DESIGNED TO PROTECT YOUR AMENITY  >  from these unreasonable activities taking place in a residential ZONE ?

You ARE VERY LUCKY TO HAVE THIS PROTECTION, -  as it ONLY applies to private schools - but the protections will only occur-  if OFFICERS hear your comments on the Plan and in sufficient numbers to be convinced there are problems  with such a plan IE  residents INSIST on changes to the Plan ( OR EVEN a complete rejection of it )


The Plan has recently been on exhibition for public comment for 4 weeks but as Council will NOT decide on the Plan until at least late January - submissions can still be received


The  community information and consultation session to be held this WED  3rd Dec at the Town Hall

There are 5 sessions and Council  Officers are keen to hear everyone’s concerns - A plenary will be held at 8pm ( which is rather late) -  but questions aired here will be also listened to be the Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Reps on IGRIG and reported back to you by email

Officers are also available over the next few days by phone or email to answer questions.

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor both sit on the IGRIG Panel


Andy   Wilson


Planning – Team Leader

Banyule City Council

T.   (03) 9457 9889 |

F. (03) 9499   9475


Joel   Elbourne

Manager   Urban Planning

and Building

Banyule City Council

Ph 03 9457 9874


Councillor Langdon (Mayor)

Phone:0401 097  032

Email: craig.langdon

Mail:   PO Box 51, Ivanhoe, VIC 3079

Councillor Mullholland

(Ward   Councillor

and Deputy Mayor)

Phone: 0413 986 912


Mail:  PO Box 51, Ivanhoe, VIC 3079



The Plan at Councils website at

PLEASE WRITE A SUBMISSION HOWEVER BRIEF send to Council at or to Andy Wilson as above C/O PO Box 51, Ivanhoe, VIC 3079

Now is the time to have YOUR say ! ( OR Hear what others say OR ask questions ! )  - before the year ends and staff are on leave ; and while IGS representatives are available to answer questions

our IGRIG representatives can ONLY DO SO MUCH - COUNCIL NEEDS TO HEAR FROM ALL PEOPLE affected by this plan and this includes all ROAD USERS as well as closer by residents in the smaller streets around the school


From: Andy Wilson [] Sent: Tuesday, 25 November 2014 5:10 PM To: Andy Wilson Subject: Ivanhoe Grammar School Development Plan - Consultation session


Dear Sir/Madam


Thank you for your submission regarding the proposed development plan for the Ivanhoe Grammar School. You are being contacted because you made a recent submission to the amended Development Plan or you made a written submission to an earlier version of the Development Plan in July 2013.


In addition to your written submission, you are invited to attend a consultation session to ensure you have an opportunity to discuss your concerns regarding the proposed development plan and offer suggestions which may alleviate or resolve these concerns. Furthermore, the session will give you an opportunity to seek questions of clarification on particular details you may be uncertain about.


To assist with this process, Council staff and representatives of the Ivanhoe Grammar School will be facilitating discussions and available to answer questions. Four 50 minute consultation sessions will be conducted as well as an open forum on Wednesday 3 December at the Ivanhoe Customer Service Centre.


Time and date


4pm – 4.50pm: Wednesday 3 December

Tom Roberts Room

5pm – 5.50pm: Wednesday 3 December

Tom Roberts Room

6pm – 6.50pm: Wednesday 3 December

Tom Roberts Room

7pm – 7.50pm: Wednesday 3 December

Tom Roberts Room

8pm – 9pm: Wednesday 3 December

Council Chamber


To register your place at one of the above sessions, please contact me by responding to this email, noting your preferred session time.


If you have any further queries please feel free to contact me.




Andy Wilson

Development Planning – Team Leader

Banyule City Council

T. (03) 9457 9889 | F. (03) 9499 9475

June 2014 Revised Plan (4 ) sent to Council by IGS and now on Exhibition

Submissions to the Plan

The deadline for submissions is November 17th 2014.  Please consider how your amenity might be changed if the proposed plan were to go ahead and make comments on the Plan that address this. This includes effects on traffic and parking and overshadowing, noise impacts, and any other nuisance 

What is in the Plan ? News from FHI IGRIG members

Sports Centre

The latest REVISED PLAN from IGS still contains very little detail about the Sports Stadium but some additional drawings have been provided separately to Council Staff and have been given to IGRIG , These give a vague layout of the Sports Stadium spaces - 100 seats in a tiered arangement is proposed within the building and the height is slighlty lower in places than in previous descriptions;  there  are two courts, classrooms, staff and storage areas and a fitmess room. The pool will also be extended.  The seaparate drawings are shown on Councils website along with the June 2014 Plan.


Members of IGRIG have argued that the construction of such a building (and of many of the proposed buildings) will create parking nightmares for residents just like the now completed Locksley Centre has and for many years at a time. as a consequence they have requested of Council that the New Proposed underground car park proposed under the South Ground should be completed FIRST ( if the Plan is approved at all ) - so that staff can still park on-site  while building works take place.


Access will be an issue however and residents of Fairy and Elphin Sts which are dead end strrets are apprehensive re the entry points for the larger numer of cars ( 120 ) in this car park.  Russell St also will recieve extra traffic ad anew entrance is proposed - currently far too close to Scotts Parade we feel for safety.  

Locksley House

The stadium is proposed close to the current Music Centre at Locksley House which is just finished after two years of "renovation".  - In fact the Locklsey Centre is more than a "renovation"  The project took at least two years and caused major disruption to residents and to parking and traffic for parents around the school. In addition an auditorium has been included which creates a NEW use and IGS has been running arts and music events here since it opened. (Previously Locklsey was used as classrooms and music practice rooms for individual tuition.) In addition to increased after hours use, at Locksley there has now also been a removal of a mandated traffic barrier within the school between Fairy and Elphin sts that has allowed and ENCOURAGED parents and vistors to drive through the school past Locksley and thuis create a greater traffic flow for residents to cope with. This is a breach of the CURRENT IGS Plan


FHI members and other residents have also identified other breaches of the current IGS Plan which they have reported  to Council planning officers with little action. recently a formal complaint has ben sent to the Banyule Enforcement officer MR Michael Vallis -  a very experienced member of staff and we are sure he will apply his best efforts to the resolution of these problems


Several "surprises"  in the June Plan are not to be found in the actual written acount of the Proposal but rather in the maps and notations on these ( many are hardly visible even on the computer enlargements ) - so do scrutinise these well as well as reading the Plan proper.  


Errors in calculations of car parking demand are also to be found - Please see the recently REVISED COUNCIL FAQ sheet for helpful info here - Ignore the one sent in the  Council letter you may have received  - it had errors and the one found on Councils website until Monday November 3rd when a revised version went up.


In the detailed examination of the IGS Plans we have come to understand that the ELC in the north west corner of the school, is providing a a great deal of traffic and parking congestion - as 3 and 4 year olds by law MUST be accompanied to the classroom door by their parent or guardian. This means for them - parking and leaving the car.  BUT not enough spaces are provided for this by the school and combined with other drops offs of primary children we have parents struggling to find safe ways to get their chioldren to school . while the ELC and Primary school; are NOT proposed to be expanded in the current plan, the additional parking and traffic generated by an expanded secondary school  drop off ( 25% ) - will contribute to the worsening of this problem  

Street Meetings and Community Meeting

Please help to organise street meetings and come to the general community meeting to hear more about the details of the Plan

Contact your Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Reps  via this website to arrange meetings on evenings or weekends. Details of the general meeting to be posted soon .

More to discuss

These comments about the Plan are by no means exhaustive - there are many more issues to discuss in regard to the finer details of the Plan. Please share your thoughts and observations  with your neighbours individually and at our meetings  - to get the best possible submssions to Council -  by the Nov 16th Deadline.

April 2014 Revised Plan 3 sent to Council by IGS

What is in the Plan ? News from IRIG members

The latest REVISED PLAN from IGS still contains very little detail about the Sports Stadium Proposed close to the current Music Centre at Locksley - - Just finished after two years the Locksley Renovation caused major disruption to residents and to parking and traffic for parents around the school. Residents annd perhaps parents,  who are competing with staff for parking places, ( because their spaces are used as constuction zones )  are are not looking forward to more building development in the near future


Staging of developments 

Residents would like to see the Under Oval Car Park completed before ANY other new building works = so that teachers DO have somewhere safe and convenient to Park This will allow the streets to be safer and less frustrating for parents

The  new Plan still alows from an almost 24 percent increase in students and also for enormous building additions elswhere in the school ( Including pulling down the exisiting Benson Centre and rebuilding it higher and with a cafe

NEW OR expanded activities in Senior years curriculum ?

There is NO information about whether this Cafe would be commercial + IE Cater for people outside of the school on a commercial basis - As some TAFEs do  - when adding Hospitality Courses to theor curriclum OR how large such a facility might be -  IE How many seats ? Certainly nothing along these lines has been ruled out by the school so far

NO indoor access for Under Oval Car park ?

The Plan also shows a NEW Under Oval Car Park at the end of Fairy and Russell Sts for about 120 Cars - but many car spaces are being lost to cater for improved Parent drop off and pick up in The Ridgeway where staff currently park NOW

The entrance to this Under Oval Car Park is still problematic in that it is distant from the main teaching buildings and past experience shows staff do not use the distant car parks very well at all To make the Car Park really worth the expense- Residents have suggested an extension of the car park to be under the rebuilt Benson Centre ( which will be linked by elevated walkways to other parts of the school )

This would allow staff to remain under cover on wet days and enter the building more easily -without getting their papers and belongings wet. Similar arrangemenst used at MLC --where two levels of parking are under the main buildings - allow a much better use of school land for students and protect staff from overstaying the time limits in residential streets

At present Council is still studying the new April 2014 Plans and may request some further information from the School before any Plans are advertised to the community  - If major changes to the wording or plans is required Council may well ask the school to resubmit the documents again

More Detailed Drawings in Plans still lacking

Certianly the residents believe a lot more detail needs to be given about the Proposed Sports Stadium - which still seems rather too large for the stated uses ( Other Councils have insisted Schools submitted much more detailed drawings in similar circumstances we have been told.)  The same would apply to the Senior Centre in regard to the possibility  outside of  school hours uses and how these could be accessed   - more detailed plans will allow a propser assessment of any potential impacts on residential amenity

Need more info - we can help !

For more imformation on the IGS Current V 3 DEV PLAN please contact Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Residents Group via our contact page  or ask for your email to be added to our email update list ( Much more rapid than website updates of late ! )

Older Pedestrian and young Student Safety

The Fairy Hills Residents Group has been undertaking traffic surveys in the streets around the school and they and Council are very concerned about student safety - If you have any suggestions for improved safety measures we would appreciate your input ( via our contacts page OR direct to Council via Bailey Brynes Councils Traffic Engineer) ALSO  any assisstance in future surveys would also be very welcome - We have a jolly band of helpers who all know each other well now

Remember if you have problems with illegal parking in your street or in front of your driveway or on dangerous intersections, -  THE BEST thing you can do is to report the infringement to Council -  Take the number plate and make details Call Councils equiries number 94904222 and they will put you through to the traffic and parking inspectors who will come out and book cars - They also do regular patrols and appreciate any tips of repeated illegal behaviour or parking overstays

Congestion and Safety

The School laos has an officer who patrols on weekdays only - doing BOTH sides of the school - So lots of effort goes in to try and protect students - BUT the amount of congestion often drives people to do things they probaly know they really shouldnt - Sugesstions on how to reduce congestion - such as more  two minute drop off and pick up zones are currently being discussed - The best locations would appear to be all around the school perimeter BUT also possibly a zone  in Waterdale Rd and a zone in Marshall St  ( - for older students YR 7 and above  - who can walk that last bit to school quite easily ) - Thus keeping the areas closer to the school available for the younger student drop offs

Legal aspect for ELC Years

Capacity for Parent Parking for ELC years is a major problem as the 3 and 4 year olds must be taken to the classroom door BY LAW = There is just NOT enough parking for 41 or 42 ELCs each day to taken in from a longer stay car park close to the school-

Lower Heidlebrg Rd Hazards - recent experience

It is very disturbing to see parents with several studenst of different ages - including ELCs,  crossing the major arterial at the bottom of the school via walking to the mid lie and waiting for traffic to clear before continuing on - It sems as if there will be a disaster some day soon !

Even Cars have trouble getting across Lower Heidlebrg rd in Peak Hours - jusy recently a cyclist was hit while travelling from west to east near Waterdale rd on a sunny day and NOT in peak traffic by a young driver from the school . An ambulance took her to hospital with unknown injuries - So these areas are more dangerous than they used to be - With ever increasing traffic flows even in NON peak times making navigation across busy intersections ever more hazardous

Resolution of Community Access issues

In the late 70s Council allowed school to have ownership of the strip of land bewteen Merton and Elphin Streets * The unmade part of The Ridgeway which was muddy and only used occassionally by cars usually accessing the rear of their property - The proviso in the minutes was that the land be landscaped and pedestrian access be continued

However in 2011 - against the intentions expressed in the Schools FIRST DEVELOPMENT PLAN year 2000 - -which was still operating - IGS sealed off the area between Fairy and Elphin Sts - This is still a huge annoyance for large numbers in the community who like to be able to access the area as they always have.

The earlier NEW Plans for the school ( May 2013 to Dec / Jan 2014 ) have shown Gates being added to further BLOCK access bewteen Fairy St and Merton st BUT these plans appear to show tnose removed

Whether IGS intends to allow community access over the land which was origianlly ours and which has been gviven to the school on proviso IS MOST IMPORTANT to resdients -As well as having NO gates in the Plans residenst wish to have confirmation in writing in the Plans that access will continue as NOW for the Fairy to Merton St Route AND that the original access though Fairy to Elphin will also be reurned

PUBLIC MEETING - FEB 16th -  to discuss DEC 20th Revised Plans for Ivanhoe Grammar School

For a copy of the REVISED IGS PLAN - please email this website via the Contact Page - The Plans are currently NOT on the COUNCIL'S website


-  If you would like to hear more about the IGS REVISED Plans DEC 20th -  the Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Residents Group  are having a :-

PUBLIC MEETING  - SUNDAY FEB 16th, 2- 4pm at Seddon St Uniting Church Hall Ivanhoe

to discuss the Revised Plans and Councils view of them.

( Invitation as below )

Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Group NEWSLETTER  9/2/14



A revised development plan has been prepared by Ivanhoe Grammar School for works from 2014-2021



  • IGRIG ARRANGED FOR A SCHOOL TOUR (Jan 22nd) - with Council staff and the IGS consultants to review the accuracy of the Plans and the group identified many inconsistencies and FLAWS in the document.




  • FORMAL EXHIBITION WILL BE FOR ONLY 4 WEEKS – during which time – Council will hold at least one PUBLIC MEETING to consider the plans. Residents will be able to submit objections to the Plans over this time.


  • The IGRIG have been very critical of the lack of information supplied by IGS with the current plans (including the absence of responses to some earlier questions asked by Council regarding the FIRST version of the Plan.)  Contradictions in the Plan and on the TOUR - about critical issues such as building heights and distances from boundaries; entry points to the NEW PROPOSED CAR PARK under the IGS SOUTHERN OVAL and the accuracy of the traffic and parking figures supplied - are all issues of concern


The new Plans are the IGS response to the communities concerns with the earlier plans of May 2013 and include:


  • INCREASED STUDENT NUMBERS? What are the real figures?

1400 → 1690 Dec 2013 Plan   (1400 → 1750 May 2013 plan (+25%))

Jan 2014 - IGRIG Reps establish at a meeting with the consultants that the ELC (Early Learning Centre) student numbers are NOT INCLUDED in either figure (1400 students was the limit set by Council for the previous school plan)

  • INCREASED STAFF NUMBERS? Again what are the real figures?

Same increase (211 to 260 (+23%) May 2013 plan - However - there is no breakdown of staff roles in either Plan - for the figures to be verifiable, AND it is unclear whether the ELC staff numbers are included in any figures; (Staff numbers are used to calculate parking demand so THIS NEEDS TO BE CLEAR)


A fence (1.8m) and gate CLOSING the public pathway from MERTON ST to FAIRY ST  - Despite current assurances from the School Principal, Rod Fraser, ( Jan 2014 ) and earlier assurances  at a Public Meeting from the schools consultants (in August 2013) and later MR Fraser again in the Heidelberg Leader - that the fences  would be removed from the Plan, THEY ARE STILL INCLUDED!

  • RUSSELL STREET and PINE STREET - One way ? / New exit Lower H Rd

One way ONE-WAY TRAFFIC (May 2013) is indicated (NORTH OF PINE) despite statements from the Schools consultants this was removed; A NEW EXIT AT LOWER HEIDLEBERG RD appears while access past the childcare centre to Marshall St is removed; A NEW FOOTPATH for DROP OFF on the WEST SIDE RUSSELL ST remains ; NO STANDING on the EAST SIDE of Russell St north of Pine(See Fig 3.1Appendix E of the Transport Plan) ; CONVERT PINE ST TO ONE-WAY TRAFFIC IS implied in New Plan


The height of the building will be FOUR levels at Merton St and FIVE or SIX Levels at Russell St. The Actual Height of “4 levels” is given as 13.6M in the plan, which is about 4.4 times a normal room height in Ivanhoe homes (3M).  THIS MEANS THE BUILDING WILL BE EQUIVALENT TO A 4.4 STOREY RESIDENTIAL HOME IN MERTON STYet the document also says no new buildings will be over two or three stories ? 

Car park under building - was 50 spaces but is now zero ( on paper) -  but the consultants say 20 0r 25 spaces will be added – with the ramp into car park at the Merton st / Ridgeway corner; Safe pedestrian crossing has NOT been demonstrated – these ( imaginary ) spaces are a swap from The Ridgeway .


A new car park is proposed under the Southern Oval, with access from Fairy /Elphin Street and Russell Street.  Various parts of the documentation hide this but the school has clearly indicated on the tour with IGRIG and in a note to residents - this is the proposal.


5-6 STOREY SPORTS CENTER adjacent to The BOULEVARD and nearby houses; Includes-Tiered seating - capacity - still not provided; Residential Set-backs  - massively conflicting figures – plans unreliable ; Height 14.5M May 2013 →17.5M  Dec 2013 –Both well above what is required for indoor sports ; BOULEVARD ENTRANCE and Car Park replaced with access via residential streets. TheMaintenance Store and parking has NOT been replaced but has disappeared – despite removal of the underground car park the building height has NOT been lowered.


Still NO plans at all to show how the parts of the various buildings will work and where entrances and exits will be and which parts of the buildings will be used after hours.

More Info - Fairy Hills Ivanhoe – Community meeting


Seddon St CHURCH HALL – Ivanhoe – Car parking off Norman St


Copies of the Dec 2013 Plans available at:




Wednesday FEB 19th Ivanhoe Town Hall 6.30pm

Sunday FEB 16th Seddon St Church Hall 2pm



Your community assets at Chelsworth Park are proposed to be leased to Ivanhoe Grammar school - A 30 year Lease (20 initial years and 10 year option), will go on exhibition soon. Thanks to a petition and other community action the Chelsworth Park Tennis Club Lease will NOW BE RENEWED with the COMMUNITY CLUB rather than with IGS - however attention still needs to be focussed on the rest of the LEASE and how community benefits CAN BE ASSURED over the long life of the lease, and whether the community is getting value for the Lease over such a long period. To be part of a community discussion about the Lease - Residents can attend the NEXT Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Community meeting on


- BRING QUESTIONS/ IDEAS FOR DISCUSSION ON SUNDAY - in preparation for the COUNCIL Info night on WEDNESDAY FEB 19th – For Council Fact Sheet and comments see links at

The Details of COUNCIL information evening on the IGS LEASE are:

Date: 19 February 2014

Time: 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Venue: The Centre Ivanhoe, McCubbin Room.

Address: 275 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe.

RSVP: by 12 February 2014 – if possible

IGS Development Plan ( May 2013 ) - PLUS ALL PREVIOUS DEV PLANS  also available on Councils website

The first Ivanhoe Grammar School Development Plan was completed in the Year 2000 after an almost  two year process of consultation with the community - during which extra traffic studies were done by both the School and Banyule Council - and more complete drawings of proposed school extensions and new buildings were provided by the School

In addition detailed Landscape Plans were provided and a Parking Plan that accommodtaed all the staff parking either on the Schools roda boundary OR on site was completed to Council and resident satisfaction.

To see what a completed Development Plan looks like ( after Community Consultation ) please go to Councils IGS Plan Website Page at

Both the new proposed plans ( May 2013 version ) are provided ( - at the right of the page ) and the complete set of  PREVIOUS  Plans ( - at the bottom of the page ) The FIRST IGS  Plan should be viewed with its associated attachments - as should subsequent AMENDED IGS PLANS that were amended versions of this first Plan ( Amended by Council Officers though and without community involvement )

This page also gives the latest details on the newly appointed Residents;  "Interest" /Working Group  for the IGS Plans AND the manner in which the group will meet and be available for discussion with the wider community.

A new development plan has been prepared by IGS for works from 2013-2019

The Plan has  documents, in several parts, which are available on the Banyule Councils website at   Council includes an email adddress for submssions on the plan :- devplan@banyule,vic,gov,au

This flyer outlines one persons concerns over the features of the Plan and was letter dropped a couple of weeks ago to residents near the school. Since then, this, and similar flyers, have been circulating more widely and petitions are being developed  for a residents meeting which will be held on Sat 17th August at 2PM at the Seddon St Uniting Church Hall in the Ivanhie Shopping Centre

A copy of the flyer

A new development plan has been prepared by IGS for works from 2013-2019


×       INCREASE STUDENT NUMBERS FROM 1400  to  1750   -   +25%

×        INCREASE STAFF FROM 211  to  260    +23%













IN RESPONSE TO THE FLYER,  RESIDENTS HAVE MET AND ORGANISED GARDEN SIGNS THAT EXPRESS THEIR ANGER AT THE PLAN   The signs are $10 and available at the Public Meeting to be held at                         Seddon St Uniting Church Hall                                        at                              2pm Sat 17th Aug -                  THIS WEEKEND     -      ALL WELCOME

School Responds to Community Concerns Sept 20 2013

Following a large number of submissions to Banyule Councils Planning Department,  a well attended Public Meeting and many visits by local residents to the Ivanhoe Grammar School administration - the messages from the community are getting through to School Principal Rod Fraser. A Letter pubished on a School WEBPAGE from the Principal  to a member of the surrounding residential community ( MR Roger Trowbridge ) - explains how the school is modifying its expansion proposal to better address community concerns. Matters included in the Schools revised consideration will be changed community access points, reconsidering a road from The Boulevard into the school and an analysis of the current issues around drop off traffic and parking/

TO SEE the full text of MR Frasers letter go to

IGS Progress to Compliance Plan - Feb 2014 deadline breached

An officer  report on IGS Lack of Compliance with Council Parking Directives will go to the Council Meeting of Monday 8th of Feb 2016. Under a Council approved  Progress to Compliance Plan from Oct 2015 the school must reduce its staffing by Term start 2016 - if it cannot provide an adequate amount of on site parking to compensate for over reaching its staffing levels approved under the IGS 2000 Plan.

These levels were breached around 2011

Council has been in discussion with the school about its lack of compliance over recent weeks.

The Council could fine the school $1500 per day for the various planning breaches which are still outstanding. At present residents who are in touch with Council only have a verbal presentation of how the school intends to go about achieveing SOME staffing compliance ( not all ) We are hoping to get more detailed written documentation asap.

In the meantime please go to the Councils website and the Meeting Agenda section, on Friday Feb 5th at noon to see the officer report on IGS complinace - for Mondays meeting

Meeting time is 7.30pm but people can be seated from 7pm A request to speak can be made either formally ( speak at the Agenda item during the Meeting ) OR informally ( sadd your name to a list when you arrive and speak at question time which begins at 7.30pm - before the main part of the meeting starts.

Speakers are generally limited to 3 mins and in the main part of the meeting usually 3 [persons are heard for and 3 heard against - the motion being put. More info - ring customer service on 94904222

Sept 2015 Resident Parking Permit Scheme proposed by Council

For more details go to the 2016 PARKING TRIAL page

Please continue to send us photos of risky driver behaviour or parking infringements ( Pleae date these and give a location )

The Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Residents Group is still meeting with,  and talking regularly to,  Banuyle Staff about traffic and parking issues and especially the failure of Ivanhoe Grammar to be in compliance with many parts of its Council approved Plan with regard to traffic and parking. The more we know about your situation the more we can directly advocate for improvements.

This morning, Feb 3rd 2016 was very rainy and the bottom end of The Ridgeway around Lower Heidleberg Rd was in standstill for parents trying to drop off students - No-one could move anywhere, as the width of cars parked and trying to travel in both directions north of Latham Street did not permit a two way flow, and cars parking or exiting a park added to this narrowing of the amount of roadway that could be traversed.

There was no such problem higher up The Ridegeway  nearer the senior school - with its IGS staff all day parking now removed, this section has only occassional cars dotting each side of the road between Latham and Rose sts and this allows for low stress courteous behaviour amongst drivers giving way slighlty when needed

Unfortunately today  in the lower section of The Ridgeway no amount of courteous behaviour helped to get things moving . The parked cars on all sides, the narrowness of the road, cars trying to enter and exit parking spots and traffic standstill in Lower Heidelberg Rd ( due to delayed peak hour traffic)  meant not much could happen for quite some time ie the cars in this section of The Ridgeway were just stuck.

We would appreciate any updates  from school parents or residents on how this section of The Ridgeway is faring ( and others ) follwing tghe chnaged parking conditions brought in over the school holidays

Contact us via the comment window at the bottom of our website's Contacts page    

2015 NEW Surveys of Parking and Traffic: HELP NEEDED !


Parking and traffic congestion continues unabated around IGS including in streets which have NOT been surveyed at all by the schools consultants in preparing their Proposed Development Plan .


Last year in 2014 residents did their own Intersection Turning Surveys - covering the extra intersections such as Waterdale Rd and Lower Heidleberg Rd and some of the smaller streets as well as those done by the schools consultants Ratio Planning.  We are particulalry concerned with all entry points to Lower Heidleberg RD and also side street entry into Waterdale Rd as a matter of community safety

2015 Parking Surveys  This year ( 2015 ) we will add to some earlier parking surveys and will particularly be concentrating on Waterdale Rd, Fairy and Latham, and Marshall Sts, and identifying especially which cars are staff parking and which are student parking.

We also wish to do some daily volumes counts  on all streets around the school - We do not expect these to be be high - as this is a residential locality, but we WOULD like a benchmark showing what the volumes are now and how this might change  IF the schools Plans are approved.


Already there is an recent increase in traffic in some streets - with added after hours sports activities at the school in 2014 ( often by outside groups ) - as well as increases from the recent removal of the physocal barriers to through traffic across the school ( which were mandated in the schools 2000 Plan and were located around the Locksley precinct ) The FHI group has written several submissions throughout 2014 to Council  about these ( and several other ) BREECHES of the 2000 Plan - but we are still waiting to see any response to those submissions ..

HOW TO HELP IF YOU CAN HELP at all with traffic counts and parking surveys please let us know via the website - all times of the day are suitable but we need to organise which days and possibly more than one surveyor at a time in some instances. Surveys have already started PLEASE ADD a few hours of your time basking in the sun and chatting to your neighbours while counting cars and filling in surveys.... It is quite enjoyable and relaxing ! Smaller numbers for each timeslot are needed usually only one or two people for a particular street  

IF YOU OBSERVE a particular PROBLEM with Parking and/ or Traffic Flows -please let us ( and COUNCILS TRAFFIC ENGINEERS ) KNOW! -  Breeches of LAW should be reported immediately to COUNCILS Local LAWS Dept 94904222- This includes all parking on nature strips or across the yellow lines marked on kerbs as well as the frequent use of DISABLED parking for NON-disabled drop off. Time limits of courses can also be enforce. If you are unsure of the local laws Council staff can also assist. Officers will attend and book breeches as soon as possible but also do weekly checks themselves. Often school related  breeches  are in peak periods when breeching these laws is particualry dangerous for both driver and pedestrian lines of sight and reporting breeches helps to educate the public and avoid later unfortunate accidents which need not have happened.  

Observations of how the Parking SIGNS we already have, do and do not work are also helpful for our surbeys and for Councils engineers. It seems that even very large and obvious signs have NO EFFECT  when peak flows occurr as some drivers rationalise that their journey OR perceived child saftey is more important.

In addition - The NEXT School Plan proposes extra drop off parking in the Ridgeway where staff currently now have all day parking. Comments on this Plan and the exact location of such parking would be useful as would comments on the idea of extra bus parking in the middle of the Ridgeway near the chapel which was mentioned in one iteration of the Plan   

Photos of breeches are sometimes useful to Council staff - if they contain the Licence number  of the car and clearly show the breech.

The FHI website would also like photos of breeches or unsafe behaviours to add to our website on this page  

Add headline


Traffic along Lower Heidelberg Rd at school peak - School is on the left of the photo, in the middle distance, on a sloping run between the Upper Heidelberg Rd divergence and the Marshall St traffic lights.

Danger on Lower Heidleberg Rd

HAVE YOUR SAY: Flash point over speed in Ivanhoe

Parents and students from Ivanhoe Grammar School want VicRoads to install flashing speed signs on Lower Heidelberg Rd

WORRIED parents are urging VicRoads to install flashing speed signs outside an Ivanhoe school to put the brakes on speeding motorists.

But VicRoads says the school does not qualify because it does not have direct access to Lower Heidelberg Rd.

>> Should flashing speed signs be installed outside Ivanhoe Grammar School? Tell us below.

Ivanhoe Grammar mother of three Helena Pecnik said parents wanted flashing 40km/h signs on Lower Heidelberg Rd to cut speeding.
“Cars are speeding down the hill opposite the school, but with the flashing 40km/h signs it would remind drivers to slow down and obey school zone speed restrictions,” Ms Pecnik said.

“We asked VicRoads to put in the signs but they said they didn’t have the funding.”

Ms Pecnik said it was “disheartening” VicRoads wouldn’t fund the speed signs.

Ivanhoe state Labor MP Anthony Carbines said pedestrian safety was a priority on the busy thoroughfare.

“Flashing 40km/h signs work well at nearby Upper Heidelberg Rd outside the Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School. What the school community is asking for in Lower Heidelberg Rd is no different,” Mr Carbines said.

But VicRoads metropolitan northwest regional director Nial Finegan said there were no plans to install any school speed zone signage outside the school.

“Under the current policy, schools must have an access point or gate that abuts the main or arterial road,” Mr Finegan said.

“Ivanhoe Grammar School does not have an access point on Lower Heidelberg Rd and consequently does not qualify for a school speed zone.”

He said VicRoads was undertaking a statewide review of school speed zones, which would be completed by the end of the year.

>> Should flashing speed signs be installed outside Ivanhoe Grammar School? Tell us below.

Alison D writes:
Posted on 12 Aug 11 at 10:31am

Dennis is 100% correct. My local Federal MP in Batman is standing up to this development madness and saying no to apartments. It is a real pity that the local Federal Member is silent on speeding and over development in Banyule.

Dennis S. writes:
Posted on 12 Aug 11 at 09:25am

The councils in area are cramming in more and more appartments. This means more speeding cars. Banyule and state government should stop development if they cannot even provide a safe crossing to this school.

kevin biaggini writes:
Posted on 10 Aug 11 at 01:40pm

Its all very well for the VicRoads metropolitan northwest regional director Nial Finegan ( Impressive Credentials ) to point out why the school doesn't qualify. But what would he say if a student was hurt or worse? What could he say then when it's too late. Policies, rules and guidelines are all very well in their place. Not in this place however, this is serious and could result in tragedy. The state Member for Ivanhoe, Anthony Carbines , is quite right when he points out that pedestrian safety is a priority on a busy thoroughfare.

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