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The Consultants for the Ivanhoe Grammar School have just forwarded Revised Plans regarding the Schools expansion of its facilities over the next 7 years. One key change has been the removal of the Access Rd to the Proposed Sports Stadium located near the schools southern boundary ( The Yarra end of the School )

Residents will be very pleased to see this change as The Boulevard is a narrow, winding road set into the cliff edge above the Yarra and in this location has very sharp curves and only has a properly constructed ( but very narrow ) footpath on one side - ( the other side of the road is a narrow grassy verge, which drops sharply onto residences below)

In some times of the year one is easily blinded by turning suddenly into low angled light coming across the road, - at others - the mists from the river can also play a role in reducing visibliity around bends and even along its length in the early morning - a combination of the two is most daunting  


As a Scenic Tourist Route for all of Melbourne, ( from Williamstown to Warrandyte ) and also as a main access point to the public walking and cycling trails along the Yarra  River -  it is a much cherished location of great peace and beauty, and a real asset to the aesthetics of the School  as well - Many in the community are very proud that the school has chosen to protect this location in this way.   

The Ivanhoe Grammar School proposes a new road into their site from The Boulevard . At some pint it appears to be 4 lanes wide with turning and entrance lanes from both directions, the removal of several trees proposed within the site AND along The Boulevard SCENIC TOURIST ROUTE . The Road is to access a 50 space carpark below a new sports stadium to be used in both school hours and after hours including weekends . The Boulevard is designed as a Yarra Valley scenic route and is very narrow and winding with low sun glare and fogs affecting driveabilty at various times of the year ( it runs approximately east west in this location ) It also has a new contingent of both recreational and commuter bike riders as that sport has become more popular. The Boulevard has median splinter islands to separate traffic at Hazardous locations where there have been previous serious accidents . The Ivanhoe Grammar school proposes removing one of these to allow for the ingress and egress road.  Its own consultants  have rated the traffic hazard at the location in several respects as HIGH

The Traffic reposrt and all other Development Plan documents put forward by the school are on Banyule Councils webpage and can be read there or downloaded


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I found your website on google and I found it very useful and informative for our business and I also shared your website with my other friends also.

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I have heard it is closely and extensively guarded by security guards - I have seen them nearby - but have not spoken to them myself- ED