Deadline for Comment on Permit Parking Policy March 2016 but direct comment and petition still available

See the Parking and Traffic Page and The Fairy Hills Newsletter Page for more details on how to comment and also the Petition Page to down load  the Petition


The DEADLINE for the Comments to Council Staff is March 24th BUT as this is the start of the Easter break - comments will probably also be accepted until Easter Tuesday (29th of March 2016 )

Comments can still however be made directly to Councillors ( email addresses and phone of the Mayor and local Ward Councillor on the Page ( and also on the last page of the Fairy Hills News March edition )  

Plus OUR PETITION ( See Petition Page ) can be signed until just before the Matter goes to a Council Meeting to be decided - This DATE will be notified by email if you are on our email list ( BUT will only be 3 days notice )

So get busy over the school holidays catching up on the Permit Parking Policy - It covers the whole of Banyule  - and sign our petion at its local shopping centre locations IN IVanhoe Eaglemont and East Ivanhoe - ( OR download it for your own suburb )  Some hard copies of the Fairy Hills News are availble on request to place with your petition - Email this website via our Contact Page

Follow up Council Meeting on IGS Compliance March 2016

Council Meeting MONDAY Feb 8th 2016 : 7 pm for 7.30pm

Council Meeting MONDAY Feb 8th 2016 7 pm for 7.30pm ( if you wish to put your name down to speak before the main business starts ) or 7.30pm to just be seated.

The main issue for Fairy Hills - will be the Council Officer report on IGS lack of compliance under the planning scheme -  to provide adequate staff parking.

During the last two years of Consultation with Council, IGS stressed it would be able to provide extra spaces on site to make up any shortfall - Council gave them a deadline of 2016 Term 1 start. ( They had been out of compliance for some years ) ; However the school now admits it has not complied with its own committments.

It will be interesting to see the Officer's Report on this - which will not become available until the Friday before at around 12 noon . Hard copy will be available at Ivanhoe Town Hall as well as ecopy on Councils website ( Google Banyule and Agenda to find the correct webpage )  

See more on the Fairy Hills Trial Parking Scheme

Council Meeting to decide on resident input to Parking Scheme August 17th 2015

Our Ward Councillor Jenny Mulholland will propose at the next Council Meeting, on August 17th - a public meeting to discuss the Trial Residential Parking Scheme for Fairy Hills - ahead of its proposed implementation later this year

We urge all residents from Heidleberg Rd to The Boulevard ( the area of traffic congestion surrounding IGS ) to congratulate the Ward Councillor on this move - which is aimed not only at controlling visitor parking in Fairy Hills during school hours but also will help control parking due to Multi Unit Development Parking Waivers

These waivers approved by VCAT - are about to start affecting us from both Heidberg Rd developments and also from the major development with significant parking waivers at the corner of Marshall St and Lower Heidelberg Rd.

The Marshall St development will create significant parking demand at all sorts of hours - due to the 100 seat capacity it has for cafe and restaurant patrons on the ground floor . And the Heidelberg Rd developments are either complete or under construction now -with several larger ones approved by VCAT around the station precinct  

Jenny will need support to get other Councillors to agree to a FREE Resident Parking Scheme in the long run ( Multi -Unit residents will not get the permits under current arrangements )

Please contact Jenny to let her know your views and to offer any help - and please attend the proposed public meeting to offer any useful insights you may have for officers planning the scheme   

Updates will be placed on our Resident Permit Parking Scheme Page as they occur but as usual participation in maintaining your amenity is the  key to a good result.


The Formal Council Meeting to approve the IGS Development Plan is on this TUESDAY night 9th June at 7.30pm  A large attendance is very important!

This is the final Council Meeting on the IGS Plan ( we all hope ) and Council will vote to determine on this night what parts of it are finally approved.

There is much that we want from the Council Approved wording on TUESDAY night about the Plan that will ensure we have a better outcome for the residents around the school for years to come. Please take the time to come and show Council this is a big isssue (particularly matters relating to traffic and parking - which is most of the Plan ) and if you wish to speak at question time call perhaps 94995153 Monday to discuss what to say, or who to make way for ? Formal requests to speak later in the meeting at the Item No. 4.2 need  to be in to Council on the correct form by 2pm TUESDAY.


Please read the attached documents in the Ivanhoe Grammar School Development Plan section of this site and if you can print out and give to neighbours with no computers. We do not have time for a letter drop as the Counicl officerts wording came out 12noon Friday and we had no idea what it would say e needed much time to absorb and comment on the many clauses in the recommendation

 We have also not had time to arrange a PRE TUESDAY Meeting Residents Information Session as we usually do, to answer all your questions! There has been so much detail to try and get across to Officers and Councillors in the last few hours

 Please email any queries to this site or call 94995153 for help

WE HOPE TO SEE A GREAT TURN UP to SHOW COUNCILLORS that IGS IMPACTS are IMPORTANT to us and that future consultation on any changes is essential     

FEB 2015 Submissions can still be sent to Banyule Council RE IGS Plan

Submissions can still be sent to Banyule Council RE IGS Plan

Following the PUBLIC MEETING on DEC 3rd at the TOWNHALL Council is still considering the Plan put forward by IGS for the next 5 years PLUS of development on the school site. The community working group appointed by Council in late 2013 still has not met with Council Planners to discuss the results of the DEC meeting and any responses the school may have made since then. However surveyors have attended a site near the Proposed MULTI Level Sports Cenrte adjacent to the swimming pool to review the possible effects on the private open space from the rather large structure. (No reports have been received by the resident as yet)

Residents are urged  to become acquainted with the Plan, especially with buildings proposed NEAR their HOME ( several are planned across the campus ) and also to look critically at the proposed timetable for development and the overall increase in staff and students proposed ( about 25% but with a proviso that part time staff will be avoided. If part time staff are NOT avoided the increase in staff parking may be higher than proposed. 

At the various sessions and also the plenary of the meeting in DEC many residents suggested that the Plan should NOT be approved at all - As in an effort to solve  one problem with the Plan - a differnet problem arises ! The contention is that the site is just too small and the surrounding area contains too many narrow access points for the Plan to be viable while still maintaining existing resident AMENITY  

The Deveopment Plan Overlay -  which applies to IGS - is designed to protect Resident Amenity when Private schools develop their land. In the past, many wealthy private schools created mayhem in small residental streets with their extensive ( and competitive ) building programs and  the Govt of the day sought to restrict development to what was reasonable in terms of local resident amenity.

Please look at the Plan on Councils website and send your comments to Marked Submission to IGS Development Plan

Alternatively if you need help understanding the Plan or would like to know more about the Process or the Plan (and current criticisms of it ) please contact the Fairy hills Ivanhoe Group via this website OR the members of the commmunity working group (-They are listed on the Councils IGS Plan webpage above)

Comments on the Plan are also located on other pages of this website  - These are often updated when anything changes in the Plan OR new information is recieved



WED 3rd DEC 4-9pm IGS Plan discussion at Town Hall - SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY

Ivanhoe Grammar School Development Plan - 4-9pm Consultation session WED DEC 3rd Town Hall - choose your session EVERY HOUR FROM 4PM there is a SESSION ! - PLENARY at 8PM - this could be your ONLY in person chance to ask questions of the applicant

See below for session times/ and  send an email to Andy Wilson to book a slot / or just come to one -  if you are not sure about availability

The IGS Development Plan includes :

  • NO GUARANTEE of continued access across the school between Merton st and Fairy / Elphin
  • an increase of students by around 25%
  • Several large new buildings (at BOTH the Senior AND  Junior schools )
  • TWO  on The Ridgeway side of the school - (one near the existing Dodemaid Hall -  the other near Buckley Hall ) - accessed by the Ridgeway and all streets to the west;
  • ONE on the RUSSELL ST side of the School
  • This is the proposed 18M plus multicourt stadium and fitness centre - Access to be via  Marshall,  Scotts Parade, Russell, Fairy, and Elphin  Sts directly AND  also via buses in The Ridgeway
  • Access to all buildings proposed will be via  by small residential streets - NOT MAIN ROADS
  • Some buildings will  be open from 5 AM until 10pm at night and to public users ! IE   to fee paying customers who are NOT IGS students - again with access off local residential streets
  • Already there has been a big increase in traffic and parking around the Locksley ARTS PRECINCT since its opening mid-year and much of this OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL HOURS !
  • Locksley  is being used by large groups of fee paying customers over nights and weekends  - as it includes a large auditorium (which was NOT revealed to Council in the description of the project )

There will also be:-

  • An increase in staff and related parent parking  - creating greater congestion in local streets -  at peak times
  • EVEN WITH the new proposed underground car park ( which will cater to paying customers over nights and weekends ) there will continue to be a short fall in parking


DO YOU KNOW THAT THE SCHOOL IS COVERED BY A PLANNING OVERLAY THAT IS DESIGNED TO PROTECT YOUR AMENITY  >  from these unreasonable activities taking place in a residential ZONE ?


You ARE VERY LUCKY TO HAVE THIS PROTECTION, -  as it ONLY applies to private schools - but the protections will only occur-  if OFFICERS hear your comments on the Plan and in sufficient numbers to be convinced there are problems  with such a plan IE  residents INSIST on changes to the Plan ( OR EVEN a complete rejection of it )




The Plan has recently been on exhibition for public comment for 4 weeks but as Council will NOT decide on the Plan until at least late January - submissions can still be received



The  community information and consultation session to be held this WED  3rd Dec at the Town Hall

There are 5 sessions and Council  Officers are keen to hear everyone’s concerns - A plenary will be held at 8pm ( which is rather late) -  but questions aired here will be also listened to be the Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Reps on IGRIG and reported back to you by email

Officers are also available over the next few days by phone or email to answer questions.

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor both sit on the IGRIG Panel


Andy   Wilson


Planning – Team Leader

Banyule City Council

T.   (03) 9457 9889 |

F. (03) 9499   9475


Joel   Elbourne

Manager   Urban Planning

and Building

Banyule City Council

Ph 03 9457 9874


Councillor Langdon (Mayor)

Phone:0401 097  032

Email: craig.langdon

Mail:   PO Box 51, Ivanhoe, VIC 3079

Councillor Mullholland

(Ward   Councillor

and Deputy Mayor)

Phone: 0413 986 912

Email: jenny.mulholland

Mail:   PO Box 51, Ivanhoe, VIC 3079



The Plan at Councils website at

PLEASE WRITE A SUBMISSION HOWEVER BRIEF send to Council at or to Andy Wilson as above C/O PO Box 51, Ivanhoe, VIC 3079




Now is the time to have YOUR say ! ( OR Hear what others say OR ask questions ! )  - before the year ends and staff are on leave ; and while IGS representatives are available to answer questions



Your IGRIG representatives can ONLY DO SO MUCH - COUNCIL NEEDS TO HEAR FROM ALL PEOPLE affected by this plan and this includes all ROAD USERS as well as closer by residents in the smaller streets around the school





From: Andy Wilson []
Sent: Tuesday, 25 November 2014 5:10 PM
To: Andy Wilson
Subject: Ivanhoe Grammar School Development Plan - Consultation session


Dear Sir/Madam


Thank you for your submission regarding the proposed development plan for the Ivanhoe Grammar School. You are being contacted because you made a recent submission to the amended Development Plan or you made a written submission to an earlier version of the Development Plan in July 2013.


In addition to your written submission, you are invited to attend a consultation session to ensure you have an opportunity to discuss your concerns regarding the proposed development plan and offer suggestions which may alleviate or resolve these concerns. Furthermore, the session will give you an opportunity to seek questions of clarification on particular details you may be uncertain about.


To assist with this process, Council staff and representatives of the Ivanhoe Grammar School will be facilitating discussions and available to answer questions. Four 50 minute consultation sessions will be conducted as well as an open forum on Wednesday 3 December at the Ivanhoe Customer Service Centre.


Time and date


4pm – 4.50pm: Wednesday 3 December

Tom Roberts Room

5pm – 5.50pm: Wednesday 3 December

Tom Roberts Room

6pm – 6.50pm: Wednesday 3 December

Tom Roberts Room

7pm – 7.50pm: Wednesday 3 December

Tom Roberts Room

8pm – 9pm: Wednesday 3 December

Council Chamber


To register your place at one of the above sessions, please contact me by responding to this email, noting your preferred session time.


If you have any further queries please feel free to contact me. 




Andy Wilson

Development Planning – Team Leader

Banyule City Council

T. (03) 9457 9889 | F. (03) 9499 9475


Nov 17th 2014 Deadline for Submissions on IGS Latest Development Plan

The new proposed Ivanhoe Grammar School (dated June 2014) Development Plan

-          is on formal exhibition as from 16 th October 2014 ;

and the

DEADLINE for submissions draws closer ! 

NOV 17th 2014

(but help is available)

To assist in explaining any confusion with the currently exhibited Plan, and associated documents and in assessing their  attributes -  the FHI members of the Councils working Group whichj is looking at the Plan - will make themselves available for resident street meetings in evenings or on weekends and will also hope to hold a whole of community meeting as soon as possible - Hopefully on Sunday 9th November 2014 at Seddon St Uniting Church BUT stay tuned to the website for updates

Please contact Robyn Roberts ( 0427949951),  Paul  Simmons (0411154914)  Robyn Sullivan (0414 216 620) , Geoff Purcell ((04) 0712-7016 ) and John Petsas ((04) 1618-9286 by text and leaving your contact details, to organise a street meeting. There are many residents  in the Fairy Hills Group on top of the issues as well - So all suggested times should be do-able !! You will just need to call your neighbours together and make a time at someone’s house or front garden!

 If you can help with setting up the whole of community meeting or printing or letterboxing for that please  email  Robyn Roberts - or call 94995153, with your availability over the next week and weekend 

Many thanks for your anticipated help

Submissions need to be written to

Or by post to

Banyule Development Planning,  PO Box 51 Ivanhoe 3079


Meetings Sunday 6th and Monday 7th July 2014 - Civic Precinct

Civic Precinct Plan including Library demolition and selling off Ratepayer owned land  to go to

Banyule Council Meeting : Monday July 7 th - Arrive 7pm for 7.30pm

Be listed to speak from  7-7-30pm, and/or write to the Councillors prior -

To All Councillors, the CEO, and relevant officers   - PO Box 51, Ivanhoe 3079/

For more on the Plans you can also attend the Public Meeting at Seddon St Uniting Church Hall on  Sunday 6th July at 2.30pm and discuss the issues, look at the Plans etc :-

 "Protecting Heritage and Public Interest in Banyule" 

Sunday July 6th

2.00pm for 2.30pm

Seddon St. Community Centre, Ivanhoe 

Our speaker is

 Julianne Bell “Protectors of Public Land”

 Everyone welcome / Gold coin donation 
More Information 0427 949 951/ 0411 154 914

 The first part of the meeting will cover the Proposed Plan for the CIVIC PRECINCT and actions people can take regarding the Plan; the second part will cover the Proposed Council Lease of CHELSWORTH PARK to a private school for 30 years



FEB 16th -  RESIDENTS Meeting SUNDAY Seddon St Uniting Church 2-4pm - to look at  - Revised Plans for IGS  - submitted to Council Dec 20rd 2013

FEB 19th - COUNCIL'S - SPORT and RECREATION DEPT.  Meeting The Centre Ivanhoe - MC CUBBIN Room WEDNESDAY 6.30pm Chelsworth Park Prospective Lease to Ivanhoe Grammar School

For a copy of the REVISED IGS PLAN - please email this website via the Contact Page - The Plans are currently NOT on the COUNCIL'S website


- If you would like to hear more about the IGS REVISED Plans DEC 20th - the Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Residents Group are having a :-

PUBLIC MEETING - SUNDAY FEB 16th, 2- 4pm at Seddon St Uniting Church Hall Ivanhoe

to discuss the Revised Plans and Councils view of them.

( Invitation as below )

There is also a Council PUBLIC MEETING FEB 19th  THE CENTRE IVANHOE  to discuss the Proposed IGS LEASE of CHELSWORTH PARK - For more see our Chelsworth Park Page or the bottom of the Invitation below

Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Group NEWSLETTER 9/2/14



A revised development plan has been prepared by Ivanhoe Grammar School for works from 2014-2021



  • IGRIG ARRANGED FOR A SCHOOL TOUR (Jan 22nd) - with Council staff and the IGS consultants to review the accuracy of the Plans and the group identified many inconsistencies and FLAWS in the document.




  • FORMAL EXHIBITION WILL BE FOR ONLY 4 WEEKS – during which time – Council will hold at least one PUBLIC MEETING to consider the plans. Residents will be able to submit objections to the Plans over this time.


  • The IGRIG have been very critical of the lack of information supplied by IGS with the current plans (including the absence of responses to some earlier questions asked by Council regarding the FIRST version of the Plan.) Contradictions in the Plan and on the TOUR - about critical issues such as building heights and distances from boundaries; entry points to the NEW PROPOSED CAR PARK under the IGS SOUTHERN OVAL and the accuracy of the traffic and parking figures supplied - are all issues of concern


The new Plans are the IGS response to the communities concerns with the earlier plans of May 2013 and include:


  • INCREASED STUDENT NUMBERS? What are the real figures?

1400 → 1690 Dec 2013 Plan (1400 → 1750 May 2013 plan (+25%))

Jan 2014 - IGRIG Reps establish at a meeting with the consultants that the ELC (Early Learning Centre) student numbers are NOT INCLUDED in either figure (1400 students was the limit set by Council for the previous school plan)

  • INCREASED STAFF NUMBERS? Again what are the real figures?

Same increase (211 to 260 (+23%) May 2013 plan - However - there is no breakdown of staff roles in either Plan - for the figures to be verifiable, AND it is unclear whether the ELC staff numbers are included in any figures; (Staff numbers are used to calculate parking demand so THIS NEEDS TO BE CLEAR)


A fence (1.8m) and gate CLOSING the public pathway from MERTON ST to FAIRY ST - Despite current assurances from the School Principal, Rod Fraser, ( Jan 2014 ) and earlier assurances at a Public Meeting from the schools consultants (in August 2013) and later MR Fraser again in the Heidelberg Leader - that the fences would be removed from the Plan, THEY ARE STILL INCLUDED!

  • RUSSELL STREET and PINE STREET - One way ? / New exit Lower H Rd

One way ONE-WAY TRAFFIC (May 2013) is indicated (NORTH OF PINE) despite statements from the Schools consultants this was removed; A NEW EXIT AT LOWER HEIDLEBERG RD appears while access past the childcare centre to Marshall St is removed; A NEW FOOTPATH for DROP OFF on the WEST SIDE RUSSELL ST remains ; NO STANDING on the EAST SIDE of Russell St north of Pine(See Fig 3.1Appendix E of the Transport Plan) ; CONVERT PINE ST TO ONE-WAY TRAFFIC IS implied in New Plan


The height of the building will be FOUR levels at Merton St and FIVE or SIX Levels at Russell St. The Actual Height of “4 levels” is given as 13.6M in the plan, which is about 4.4 times a normal room height in Ivanhoe homes (3M). THIS MEANS THE BUILDING WILL BE EQUIVALENT TO A 4.4 STOREY RESIDENTIAL HOME IN MERTON STYet the document also says no new buildings will be over two or three stories ?

Car park under building - was 50 spaces but is now zero ( on paper) - but the consultants say 20 0r 25 spaces will be added – with the ramp into car park at the Merton st / Ridgeway corner; Safe pedestrian crossing has NOT been demonstrated – these ( imaginary ) spaces are a swap from The Ridgeway .


A new car park is proposed under the Southern Oval, with access from Fairy /Elphin Street and Russell Street. Various parts of the documentation hide this but the school has clearly indicated on the tour with IGRIG and in a note to residents - this is the proposal.


5-6 STOREY SPORTS CENTER adjacent to The BOULEVARD and nearby houses; Includes-Tiered seating - capacity - still not provided; Residential Set-backs - massively conflicting figures – plans unreliable ; Height 14.5M May 2013 →17.5M Dec 2013 –Both well above what is required for indoor sports ; BOULEVARD ENTRANCE and Car Park replaced with access via residential streets. TheMaintenance Store and parking has NOT been replaced but has disappeared – despite removal of the underground car park the building height has NOT been lowered.


Still NO plans at all to show how the parts of the various buildings will work and where entrances and exits will be and which parts of the buildings will be used after hours.

More Info - Fairy Hills Ivanhoe – Community meeting


Seddon St CHURCH HALL – Ivanhoe – Car parking off Norman St


Copies of the Dec 2013 Plans available at:




Wednesday FEB 19th Ivanhoe Town Hall 6.30pm

Sunday FEB 16th Seddon St Church Hall 2pm



Your community assets at Chelsworth Park are proposed to be leased to Ivanhoe Grammar school - A 30 year Lease (20 initial years and 10 year option), will go on exhibition soon. Thanks to a petition and other community action the Chelsworth Park Tennis Club Lease will NOW BE RENEWED with the COMMUNITY CLUB rather than with IGS - however attention still needs to be focussed on the rest of the LEASE and how community benefits CAN BE ASSURED over the long life of the lease, and whether the community is getting value for the Lease over such a long period. To be part of a community discussion about the Lease - Residents can attend the NEXT Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Community meeting on


- BRING QUESTIONS/ IDEAS FOR DISCUSSION ON SUNDAY - in preparation for the COUNCIL Info night on WEDNESDAY FEB 19th – For Council Fact Sheet and comments see links at

The Details of COUNCIL information evening on the IGS LEASE are:

Date: 19 February 2014

Time: 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Venue: The Centre Ivanhoe, McCubbin Room.

Address: 275 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe.

RSVP: by 12 February 2014 – if possible

Meeting of Residents IGS "Interest " Working Group at Town Hall Monday 23rd Dec 6.30pm

An introductory meeting has been arranged for Mon 23rd Dec for the 10 people appointed to the Councils IGS Residents "Interest" / Working Group at Ivanhoe Town Hall this evening at 6.30pm This will enable the newly appointed residents to meet each other and Council Staff involved in the Assessment of the IGS Development Plan, and will be fairly brief being XMas.

The 5 Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Residents who have been chosen by Council Staff from the group of 10 plus 2 the Community elected earlier in the year will be aiming to table some concerns at the meeting but also some ideas for making the discussions more helpful - among these is the idea for a bus tour of nearby private schools -  which have solved many of the issues of integration into residential communities rather well - Examples suggested are Scotch College ( good integration of built form and resolution of staff parking, MLC - resolution of staff parking and provision of safe parent drop off zones, Xavier College - separation of staff parking away from maintenance and works areas. and IGGS - complete absorption of staff parking within the schools footprint. Other suggestions from the communtiy via this website very welcome.

The Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Reps will aslo request

1. An audit of existing problems emanating from the school that need attention - including parking overflow - school day and after hours - from the Main South Carpark. This is currently hosting a building site for the Locksley redevelopment ( - 2 years so far and doesn't appear to be completed yet - Despite being considered minor works by Council and not requiring any resident consulation prior to approval )  

2. An audit Non Core Educational activities on the school site and in adjacent areas NOT covered in the Development Plan

The letter written to Council by the Fairy Hills Ivanhoe group requesting futher questions be asked of the school in relation to its plan - has still NOT received an answer from Councils staff and we will pursue that   

 In addition there are also process matters we will raise around the functioning of the RI/WG

1 We believe the  Group must have a quroum greater than 3 Residents. This is easliy achievable if the meeting times are appropriate.  

2 We feel that certain geographical areas are not fairly represented on the group - Ie Russell St has no Rep (The Community Group  suggested two Reps - as this is such a key area for existing and proposed resolutions from the school -  and the types of  problems vary along the street ) Also the area north of the school is not represented at all - Yet  suffers student pedestrian safety issues and congestion associated with parent  drop off and pick up.  Having residents present who are familiar with these issues,  we believe makes for a more efficient use of the groups time, as matters do not need to be deferred to later meetings - pending further research  

3 We are concerned that Councils website still implies that meetings will be held during the day - this will be unacceptable as it prevents several Reps from being able to attend meetings ( The Previous IGS / Resident / Council Working Group  for the Schools first Developemnt Plan met in the evenings around 7 or 7.30pm)   


Add headline



Add headline

Council Meeting to Appoint Residents IGS Interest Group Mon 16th Dec

Tonight is the Council Meeting that will appoint the 10 members of the Councils Residents Interest / Working Group which will look in more detail at the Ivanhoe Grammar School Development Plan over coming weeks or months. The list of Appointees will be displayed on this website as soon as they become available - See OUR IGS REPS PAGE

The Council staff have vetted 42 applications and narrowed them down to the required 10 over time - following the EOI ( Expresion of interest)  Process

As usual for Council appointed groups,  the names will NOT be released at tonights Council Meeting, but later, once the meeting is concluded, by letter, to successful and unsuccesful candidates. Residents are hoping for a brief update for the newly appointed RWIG -  before the Christmas break, and to have a discussion about meeting procedures and make general introductions. Rationale for the appointments will be given to Councillors at the councillors briefing which takes place prior to the main meeting

Residents are invited to view the process of  Councillors accepting the staff recommendation at the meeting at the Town Hall from 7.30pm tonight. And to ask any questions about the process at question which starts at 7.30pm and usually goes for 20 minutes - BUT this can be extended when there are lots of questions -Residents can leave at any time during the meeting but provision is usually made for larger exits after items which have many speakers.

Also on show tonight will be the new Fact Sheet prepared by Council staff regarding financial and legal issues around the Chelsworth Park Lease due to be signed in early 2014 . This is a  6 page document answering a series of questions raised by members of the Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Residents Group. The Fact Sheet will also be posted to all signatatories  to the Chelsworth Petition along with a notice regarding the PUBLIC MEETING about the Chelsworth Lease to be held on Feb 19th next year.

Residents have not yet seen the Fact Sheet which has been delayed in printing,  BUT it will be availble at the Meeting tonight. Comments or queries about any matters raided in the Fact Sheet are very welcome on the CHELSWORTH PARK  page of this website OR if you require a detailed answer - please  use our CONTACTS page and we will email you back   

 "Not this Plan" signs ( $10 ),  and supporting commmunity control of  Chelsworth Park bumper stickers ( $3 ) will be available prior to the meeting from 7.15pm - for those who have had trouble getting them... - Watch out for Kerry Brown and have your change and car boot ready-  As the signs will probably NOT be permitted  in the Town Hall -

Also on the Agenda tonight is an explanation of the Planning Scheme Amendment Process for the Ivanhoe Structure Plan and associated controls. The Amendments are on exhibition until February and anyone affected by the Plan - including developers can comment in writing and later have their arguments considered by an Independent Planning Panel- who could recommend changes of the Controls to the Minister Matthew Guy. Residents should look carefully at being involved in this process so that all the hard work done by the cvommunity in 2012 is not undone by some who could make submissions -  Support for the most desirable controls from the community should assist in ensuring a one sided response is avoided   

EOI for Residents Working / Interest Group 13th Nov to Council

The Residents wanting to work more closely with Council and the School on the IGS Development Plan  have been given until the 13th Nov to submit an Expression of Interest for that to Andy Wilson in the Planning Dept.

The Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Group is intending to submit a Group of Residents CHOSEN by the COMMUNITY themselves to this process - The outline for this process will be distributed via the Fairy Hills Newsletter, ( also see Newsletter No 17 page ) to all residents between Heidlebrg Rd and Chelsworth Park and between Lower Heidlberg Rd and the Yarra - this is a wider area than Councils Notification

The Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Residents Group will hold a Public Meeting on Sunday 10th Nov at 3pm at the Seddon st Uniting Church Hall  - to elect the communities own choice of representatives ( which will then be sent to Council before the 13th Nov )

To participate - see the Election of Residents Working / Interest Group page on this site to view Nominee statements. You can  send a  similar submission to nominate via our contact page.

Please attend the meeting on Sunday the 10th Nov - to demonstrate your support for the election of our own represenatives ( 10) rather than allowing Council to choose them for us. We have some very talented volunteers as candidates

Backup nominees for one off replacement at particular meetings is also on that Election Page but we may not have tiem to vote on those -This would rather be a meet and greet of those people

Chelsworth Lease and Booking System Petition - Council Meeting OCT 7th

We have been advised by Councils staff that the  Chelsworth Lease and Booking System Petition - will now go to a Council Meeting to be considered, on Monday the 7th Oct 2013

The meeting will start at 7.30 pm and will be at the Council Chambers - upstairs at the Ivanhoe Town Hall in Upper Heidelberg Rd

People may apply to speak to the Petitions Item - by filling out a REQUEST TO SPEAK form which can be downloaded from Councils website or collected from Customer Service downstairs at the Town Hall - Forms must be submitted by 2pm on the day of the Council Meeting

Click on the PETITIONS link at left - to see the wording of the petition  - PLUS copies for signing can be obtained from the Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Residents Group. Signatures will be collected until the day of the meeting - contact to receive a copy and to make arrangments for compilation.

UPDATE - The same meeting will NOW consider both the Petition AND the Banyule Sport and Recreation Policy - Both can be spoken to - Copies of the policy are available on the Council website under Agendas and Minutes and also from its Customer Service Centres

 For comment on both see the Chelworth Park Page on this site

Mon 23 September 2013 - Council Meeting considers Petitions

We have been advised by Councils staff that both the IGS Plan Pettiion and the Chelsworth Lease and Booking System Petition - are to go to a Council Meeting to be considered, on Monday the 23rd of Sept

The meeting will start at 7.30pm and will be at the Council Chambers - upstairs at the Ivanhoe Town Hall in Upper Heidelberg Rd

People may apply to speak to the Pettions Item - by filling out a REQUEST TO SPEAK form which can be downloaded from Councils website or collected from Customer Service downstairs at the Town Hall

To fill in the form you will need the item number on the Agenda papers for that evening - This will not be available until 2pm the Friday afternoon before the meeting of the Monday

Forms must be submitted to Council by 2pm on the Monday - ie the same day as the Meeting - This can be done through Customer Service OR online

If you require a hard copy of the Agenda -it would be wise to ask staff to print extra copies. These can be ordered in advance and kept at Customer Service with your name attached - Very few copies are normally printed these days to avoid paper waste. Council ar always interested to have speakers, but only 3 are allowed FOR a motion and 3 AGAINST and the time of receipt of the Request to Speak form is the decider

If you do not get a spot to speak - there is a 20min Q & A at the start of the meeting that may be helpful to bring up any points

Otherwise being a support to the other speakers by simply attending is an option - and on occassions there are gaps in the meeting procedure or some brief time at the end of a meeting where personal contact can be made with a Councillor or member of staff - and this can be a good way to establish contact and fruitful relationship

 Final Copies of petitions

 Any filled pages can still be handed in until Tuesday 17th Sept at customer service  - If you could ask for a photocopy and have the pettiions dated at the desk that would be useful - all pages must be numbered

For prefernce return completed petitions to the primary pettioner at  53 Waterdale Rd Ivanhoe in a plastic bag by the early monday evening of the 16th Sept ( letterbox is in Fairy St ) and they will be handed in together

Any remaining unfilled pettions can be added to up until the Council Meetng of the 23rd - so keep those and we can photocopy and hand them in on the night ( Thye wont be officially recorded on the Agenda papers BUT we will announce how many there are in addition to what is stated


Sunday 6th Sept - Residents Catch up Meeting and Background Briefing on the Chelsworth Park Issues

The Catch up Meeting starts at 2pm and the Chelsworth Background Meeting at 3pm - both are at the Ivanhoe Golf Course Cafe off Vasey St Ivanhoe

Cakes and coffee are available from the Cafe  - plenty of parking is available but it is also a lovely walk !

NOT this Plan! signs available to purchase - Petitions available to take home and get signatues from your friends  and neighbours in Banyule

Residents Debrief 3pm Sun 25th August

MEETING  to debrief over coffee

will be held at 3pm tomorrow

at Ivanhoe Golf Course CAFE

 off Vasey St Ivanhoe East VIC 3079
(03) 9499 7001

 We will discuss what took place on Tues Night at the 3 different venues ( Main Forum and 2 workshops ) and what are the plans the community have from here in ?

- Suggestions welcome

A small strategy meeting was held Sat 24th at short notice - so many were unable to make it due to other commitments - Sunday's meeting will be a general discussion open to everyone of what we can do next.


 Residents who have been unable to attend so far very welcome - so bring neighbours and friends  (  get yourself on the email contact list )

 Signs will be available to buy $10

 Petitions available to sign

 Donations Box available

 Some petition sheets available to take home

 Updates provided from other residents about what avenues others have been pursuing over the week

 Discussion includes both School Plans and Chelsworth Park Plans and what we need to do about them

Public Consultation Meeting

Date:  Tues 20 August 2013


Date: 20 August 2013

Time: 6-8pm

Venue: Nellie Ibbot, Tom Roberts and Withers Rooms, 275 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe.

Residents who have made submissions regarding the proposed development plan approval for the Ivanhoe Grammar School are able to attend an imformation and feedback session on Tuesday evening the 20th August 2013 at the Ivanhoe Civic Centre. Their submissions will be noted by Council Planners and passed on to the applicant ( Ivanhoe Grammar ) to consider the points made before the meeting


The session will give residents an opportunity to seek questions of clarification on particular details of the plan or of their concerns.

At the consultation session, attendees will have the option to participate in either:

  • · A seminar style forum which will provide an opportunity for residents to clarify detail and make suggestions. This will be facilitated by Council Officers and Ivanhoe Grammar School Representatives.
  • · A workshop style discussion focussed on particular issues to be facilitated by Council Officers and Ivanhoe Grammar School Representatives.


If you intend to participate in the consultation session, you are asked to indicate your preference to be involved in either the seminar style forum or the workshop style discussion; and provide confirmation of your attendance by Friday 16 August to ensure adequate resources are available on the evening.

Please note that if you do not confirm your attendance and arrive on the evening, you will be asked to join the seminar style forum.

The local residents have discussed these options and felt that as a Community Reference Group is to be established by Council to discuss detailed solutions to the concerns with the Plan - a whole of community forum was the best option for the clearest messages to reach Council AND for everyone to hear the responses to these concerns from the Council and the School

A 2 hour meeting was felt to be inadequate to break out into small discussion groups and local residents favour a series of future discussions on particular issues to take place on the school property over sucessive weeks or months to drill down into the detail of issues and allow the school and council to do more research to make alterations to the proposal to satisy community concerns, Particular meetings should be held to address *Height and Bulk and Overshadowing issues , *General Congestion and Parking issues over the school day ( probably more than one session ) , *Safety on the Boulevard Issues ; * Offsite amenity impacts around after hours expansion of activities ( Noise , parking, traffic,) * Buses , *Changes to traffic directions in Russell Street; *Heritage value impacts, and loss of trees ; *Associated impacts on the Chelsworth Tennis Club , *Pedestrian access Issues - again possibly more than one meeting ) , *Visual amenity impacts related to fences, signage, and landscaping , * Associated impacts on the Chelsworth Playing fields , * Separation of staff parking from student pedestrian routes, * Maintenance of the new plan with report backs over the life of the plan to Council and residents and methods for ensuring the plan is followed . Most residenst wish to be involved to some extent in all these discussions, and having a single night to discuss all of them and all associated points, is just not tenable ; Other residents have only one main concern however and so could be involved in fewer meetings.
Given there are three venues for the Tues 20th August meeting- it is suggested residents email council ahead that they will be expecting to attend an open forum but wish also to attend futher meetings on selected topics to hear suggested solutions from Council and the school.



Local Newspaper

Residents Public Meeting 2PM Sat 17th August Seddon St Uniting Church Hall

A Residents Public Meeting will be held on Sat 17th August 2pm at Seddon St Uniting Church Hall in the Ivanhoe Shopping Centre

The meeting will go over parts of the plan that have been of most concern to the community so far and then take questions and comments from the floor. A number of residents will add extra comment on particular areas of Fairy Hills affected by the Plan and explain the sometimes complex implications the plan has for resident amenity

Suggestions for ways to deal with the plan will be canvassed

NOT THIS PLAN ! signs will be avavilable for $10

Residents will be asked to sign petitions about particular aspects of the plan and give their names to a contact list and supportnetwork - Residents are welcome to design their own petitions as well and bring them along

Organisers have recently heard about the Councils Plan for IGS to take over all bookings for Chelsworth Park and make changes to the IGS  lease - Speakers from the Chelsworth Tennis Club will be addressing the meeting about some of these isues and how they relate to the Plan


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