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Concerns proposed building will tower over Ivanhoe’s skyline: The Leader, June 28th, 2017

Rebecca David, Heidelberg Leader,  

June 28, 2017 10:04am

Artist's impression of proposed development for 40 Upper Heidelberg Rd Ivanhoe. 


 Residents fear a proposed apartment building will dominate Ivanhoe’s skyline and set a precedent for other tall buildings. Robyn Roberts, Pippa Griffith, Julia Stafford, Helen Mavrokefalos (front) and Kristiana, 5. Picture: Josie Hayden 

RESIDENTS fear a proposed apartment block of up to 10 storeys — and more than 10m taller than the preferred height for the area — will tower over Ivanhoe’s skyline and pave the way for similar developments. 

Plans are before Banyule Council for a 28.8m tall mixed use development at 40 Upper Heidelberg Rd, a possible seven-storey building elevated over a two-storey open space. 

In the Ivanhoe Structure Plan, the “preferred” maximum height for mixed land use is 18m. 

Robyn Roberts, from the Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Residents Group, said the towering proposal was an affront to locals and called for Planning Minister Richard Wynne to step in.

HAVE YOUR SAY: What do you think of the proposed development? Tell us below. 

Ms Roberts said residents and the council were lobbying for mandatory height limits for the area but feared the application could be approved before any restriction could be introduced. 

Save Ivanhoe co-convener Luke McNamara said the group worried the proposal could set a precedent for other buildings. 

“The community and council worked so hard together on the Ivanhoe Structure Plan to establish what most people would consider reasonable, but this (development) is so out of step with what everyone agreed on — to the point of being disappointing and alarming,” Mr McNamara said. 

Residents commenting on the application at planningalerts.org.au said the “skyscraper” would ruin the suburb’s skyline and add to traffic congestion in the area.  

Ivanhoe’s Helen Mavrokefalos urged people to examine planning applications for their suburb and speak up if they objected to them.  

“Far too often we are seeing massive construction take over Ivanhoe’s skyline and the wider community doesn’t have awareness until construction starts, by then it’s too late,” Ms Mavrokefalos said.  

Paul Salter, managing director of land owner SB & G Group, said they were passionate about creating a landmark building “that provides a gateway to Ivanhoe”.  

“SB & G is confident that the development will deliver a very positive outcome for Ivanhoe,” Mr Salter said.  

The former service station site has been vacant for more than 20 years.  

Banyule Council is receiving feedback on the application until July 4 with officer recommendations estimated to be made by early August.  

As of deadline, the council had received 20 objections and submissions.  

Patrick Lane, spokesman for Planning Minister Richard Wynne, said Banyule Council was best placed to determine the application.  

Mr Lane added that it was important the community had an opportunity to have its say.  

You can view the application at shaping.banyule.vic.gov.au/planning  

HAVE YOUR SAY: What do you think of the proposed development? Tell us below.  



Hideous. "Landmark" building - what an insult to residents!!  Instead of "landmark" the words "eyesore" or "visually and physically intrusive" would be more accurate.  Come on Council, please start rejecting these ghastly proposals.  


Same as that monstrosity they are building across the road from the Austin hospital on the cnr of Bell st!  Looking at the picture of it, it looks like a giant cruise ship!   

Greg : Ivanhoe changing rapidly getting uglier and lowering its prestige   

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Discount Private Schools

Private schools offer discounts on Wotif-style site

April 28, 2014, The Age

When is finding a private school like booking a holiday? A new website is inviting independent schools to post last-minute discounted enrolment vacancies that become available.

The site is similar to travel websites that list hotel vacancies at cheaper rates close to the booking date.

The founders of the School Places website said 11 schools had signed up so far, including Wesley College, Ivanhoe Grammar School and Shelford Girls' Grammar. The founders said schools that had signed up were offering discounts of up to 30 per cent for between one and six years.

The site's chairman and former Test cricketer, Paul Sheahan, said School Places was not designed for schools to increase their enrolments from their usual demographic groups. "This sits quite separately from their normal enrolment procedure. This is introducing them to an entirely new audience," he said.

Mr Sheahan said some parents were comfortable making "informed decisions in a hurry" about where their child would go to school. "This may be because they’ve moved, because they are unhappy with their current school or simply because they want to make a sound financial decision once their economic circumstances are known."

Site founder Jeremy Wein said School Places could also help attract international students to Australian schools. "We know the international market is a huge pool for a number of independent schools," he said.

Mr Sheahan, a former principal at Geelong College and former headmaster at Melbourne Grammar, said the site could give independent schools an added source of revenue that was previously unavailable. Schools set their own terms for the enrolment offers. "It's in the hands of the school how long they wish the offer to remain in place. We've suggested to them two years is a pretty good time," he said.


Sep 10th 2013 IGS Student Increase / Stadium on the Boulevard / Public Paths

Concerned Ivanhoe residents have banded together to work through issues resulting from proposed developments at a nearby school. Source: Getty Images

Ivanhoe Grammar School prepared to compromise over development plans

•by:Julie Hedjes
•From:Heidelberg Leader
•September 10, 201312:00AM
CONCERNED Ivanhoe residents have banded together to work through issues resulting from proposed developments at a nearby school.

Banyule Council established the group after residents spoke out about plans to increase student numbers at Ivanhoe Grammar School by 25 per cent and to build a stadium at The Ridgeway campus.

Robyn Roberts, who is part of the Resident Interest Group, said the plans were an "overdevelopment of the site''.

Ms Roberts said the stadium would lead to increased congestion along The Boulevard, which she believed was already narrow and dangerous.

She said there were also concerns the plans would fence off public pathways and roads.

Neighbour Alison Milne said she feared the development could affect access to the school via Russell St, Marshall St, Scotts Pde, Pine St and a nearby laneway.

But school principal Rod Fraser said the site would not be overdeveloped.

He said he was aware of the concerns and was happy to work with residents and the council to compromise.

Mr Fraser said the school understood there were traffic and parking concerns and had engaged a traffic consultant to address the issues.

"We are proposing to add 100 on-site parking places … and we are also working with parents to educate them about good driving practices,'' Mr Fraser said.

"We are also trying to increase the amount of green transport like bicycles, walking and public transport.''

Mr Fraser also said the student population Ivanhoe was less than what it was in 1990 and even with the forecast growth, would remain less than that number.

He said all existing access pathways used as public thoroughfares would remain open.

Council spokeswoman Fiona Athersmith said further consultation would be held between the school, the council and members of the Resident Interest Group.

Submissions: devplan@banyule.vic.gov.au.



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