Paul Walsh 28.07.2016 06:07

The 2016 IGS student Art and Design Exhibition will be held Thursday 28 July - Monday 1 August at ArtsEdge Lockstep. All residents are invited to attend!

Sue 07.02.2016 02:15

New sign: Main Yarra Trail @ Wilsons Res. Will it now be paved and b/c a cycling tract? This happened elsewhere. Low impact dirt track lost to run/walkers.

Helen 28.10.2015 04:30

New parking constraints on The Ridgway have made Latham St (b/w The Ridgeway and Waterdale Rd), including parts of Waterdale Rd into a parking lot.

dave king 10.03.2014 06:57

Great to see the residents out doing the traffic surveys last week. Some interesting results. keep up the good work.

ED 04.03.2014 04:59

Great letter Paul - a bit nicer than one sent to a resident about the same issues recently. I am sure if we work together we can solve these problems.

PAUL WALSH 04.03.2014 00:49

Dear Residents
Please find Ivanhoe Gramar Schools most recent community release

ED 23.02.2014 00:14

Fact: Over last 10 years Council lost sight of Lease accountability (in reports of fees acruing etc) in Lease; 20 years (+10) - too long for public oversight?

ED 23.02.2014 00:06

FACTS : IGS also proposed to get recycled water for free in New Lease - saving huge potable water bill - worth thousands; (share $100K worth with Golf Club)

ED 23.02.2014 00:01

EG Facts - Under current Lease - IGS keeps all club fees; Has not submitted yearly returns for the Management of the Park as per Lease conditions;

ED 22.02.2014 23:46

Value for Council was a main area of debate at Councils Info Night Feb 19th - IE $50 K/Y cost to IGS - non indexed - is NOT good return - for 20 year mandate.

ED 22.02.2014 23:37

To be better informed you can access the existing Lease for IGS via Banyule Customer Service - as have FHI Residents Group

ED 22.02.2014 23:33

There were over statements and errors in the Council Fact Sheet ( see Chelsworth Page Fairy Hills Site ) - These will hopefully be addressed in Fact Sheet Three

Paul Walsh 17.02.2014 03:23

Dear residents,

I would like to alert you to the IGS February community release

P Walsh

Dave King 15.02.2014 22:27

All residents, don't forget to be at the residents meeting today at 2pm at the Seddon St Uniting Church Ivanhoe. Your chance to be updated and ask questions.

Paul Walsh 29.01.2014 00:35

I would like to alert you to Ivanhoe Grammar School's most recent community release.

Paul Walsh 29.01.2014 00:32

Dear Residents, Further to a recent meeting of local resident representatives and in response to correspondence received since our last community newsletter,

Phil Beart 16.01.2014 08:03

Note VCAT story Sunday Age 12 January. Need engage and convince Banyule Council successfully w.r. IGS plan.

dave king 16.01.2014 03:45

Thanks PW for the feedback and it is good to see progress is being made. Let's hope a lot of the other issues can be resolved with suitable outcomes. Win-Win's!

Peter Wilson 16.01.2014 01:37

effect the area in many ways. These are now off the table and I reiterate well done BOTH Parties, I like many others near me, welcome those changes! Success!

Peter Wilson 16.01.2014 01:34

Thanks Dave, Just giving balance to the arguement. My two main gripes were fencing that oval and the exit onto the Boulevard, both had the potential to really

Dave King 15.01.2014 21:17

If you're so worried about the LH rd and M St building PW, why don't you be pro-active and do something; rather than complaining and expecting others to do it?

Dave King 15.01.2014 21:15

Not sure that increasing building heights and size is what I would call a compromise! A questionable traffic plan and scant details... and the list goes on!

Peter Wilson 14.01.2014 02:44

Drop this one now and focus on the monstrosity about to be built on the cnr of LH Rd and Marshall St. It got under the guard of our professional adjitators!!

Peter Wilson 14.01.2014 02:41

Just read overr the amendments. Significant compromise, all involved should be congratulated. Boulevard residents? Winners!! Under ground parking A WINNER!!

Paul Simmons 30.12.2013 09:14

New IGS Dev Plan - still no 2013 student number despite requests for same in August 2013 , and no seating capacity given for new sports centre either.

Phil Beart 28.12.2013 11:02

News IGS Development Plan fails again! More lack of info! Why no indication of student numbers with project steps? More smoke & mirrors!

Wayne Barlow 23.08.2013 02:35

Further student number increases in future development plans would be unacceptable, irresponsible & unsustainable!
A cap for the future must be agreed to by all

Wayne Barlow 23.08.2013 02:32

A cap must be placed on the maximum number of students at the Ridgeway campus.
Is the number of 1750 even sustainable in Ivanhoe? Perhaps that is too many.

Debra Herman 21.08.2013 05:42

I am a Blvd resident (Burke Rd end). I fulyl support your cause. Will be writing to Council myself. This plan is too big, too much and too greedy.

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